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Universal Brake Lines and Fittitngs

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Part # Description List Price Your Price
662000PRE PERF 3/8-24 THR BANJO BOLT8.997.49
66200110MM BANJO-#3AN MALE STRAIGHT8.997.49
66200212MM BANJO BOLT-7/16-24 THREAD7.996.49
66200310MM BANJO-#3AN MALE 35O BEND9.98578.49
66200410MM BANJO-#3AN MALE 90O BEND9.98578.49
66200512MM BANJO-#3AN MALE STRAIGHT8.997.49
66200612MM BANJO-#3AN MALE 90O BEND9.98578.49
6620071/8 MALE PIPE-#3AN MALE STR4.993.99
6620081/8 MALE PIPE-#3AN MALE 90O7.996.49
6620091/8 MALE PIPE-#3AN MALE 45O9.98578.49
6620103/8-24 I/F MALE-#3AN MALE 45O11.999.99
6620113/8-24 I/F MALE-#3AN MALE 90O11.999.99
6620123/8-24 I/F MALE-#3AN MALE 90O12.9910.99
6620133/8-24 I/F MALE-#3AN MALE 150O11.999.99
6620163/8-24 I/F MALE-#3AN MALE STR9.98578.49
662017CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 918.9915.99
662018CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 1219.985716.99
662019CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 1521.9918.49
662020CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 1721.9918.49
662021CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 1821.9918.49
662022CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 1922.9919.49
662023CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 2122.9919.49
662024CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 2324.9920.99
662025CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 2524.9920.99
662026CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 2624.9920.99
662027CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 2825.9921.99
662028CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 3025.9921.99
662029CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 3227.9923.49
662030CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 3427.9923.49
662031CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 3628.9924.49
662032CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 3828.9924.49
662033CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 4031.9926.99
662034CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 4231.9926.99
662035CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 4332.9927.99
662036CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 4432.9927.99
662037CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 4532.9927.99
662038CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 4632.9927.99
662039CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 4734.9929.49
662040CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 4839.985733.99
662041CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 5034.9929.49
662042CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 5235.9930.49
662043CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 5435.9930.49
662044CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 5637.9931.99
662045CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 5838.9932.99
662046CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 6038.9932.99
662047CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 6239.985733.99
662048CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 6441.9935.49
662049CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 6641.9935.49
662050CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 6842.9936.49
662051CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 7044.9937.99
662052CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 7244.9937.99
662053CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 7445.9938.99
662054CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 7648.9941.49
662055CLR COAT UNIV. DOT BRK LN 7848.9941.49

Part # Description List Price Your Price
130702RUSSELL BRAKE LN KT F/ USE W/63.9952.99
13363RUSSL 35 DEG SHORT BANJO FITG.24.9920.99
14170S/STL.DOT B/HOSE FRT.45112-84A37.9931.99
14171S/STL.DOT B/HOSE FRT.45143-88A37.9931.99
14172S/STL.DOT B/HOSE FRT.42305-86A52.9944.99
14174S/S DOT R/BRK.LN.FXST/C 89-9764.9954.99
14175S/STL.DOT B/HOSE REAR40957-87A85.9972.99
622900PRO SYSTEM 2 BIKE BUILDERS KIT669.99569.99
6229011/8" NPT STRAIGHT12.9910.99
6229021/8" NPT 90 DEGREE14.9912.49
6229033/8" -24 STRAIGHT7.996.74
6229047/16" -24 STRAIGHT16.9914.24
622905FEMALE #3 FITTING ADAPTER14.9912.74
6229063/16 REPLACEMENT FWRRULE14.9912.74
6229073/8" STRAIGHT PRO 2 BANJO14.9912.49
6229087/16" STRAIGHT PRO 2 BANJO14.9912.49
6229093/8" 35 DEGREE PRO 2 BANJO14.9912.49
6229107/16" 35 DEGREE PRO 2 BANJO14.9912.49
62291125 FOOT ROLL BLACK BRAKE LINE38.9932.99
62291250 FOOT ROLL BLACK BRAKE LINE57.9948.99

Part # Description List Price Your Price
1346010MM BANJO-#3 MALE STRAIGHT6.995.89
1346110MM BANJO-#3 MALE 35O BEND7.496.24
1346210MM BANJO-#3 MALE 90O BEND7.496.24
1346312MM BANJO-#3 MALE STRAIGHT6.995.89
1346412MM BANJO-#3 MALE 35O BEND7.496.24
1346512MM BANJO-#3 MALE 90O BEND8.997.49
134661/8 MALE PIPE-#3 MALE STRAIGHT3.993.39
134671/8 MALE PIPE-#3 MALE 45O BEND15.9913.49
134681/8 MALE PIPE-#3 MALE 90O BEND9.998.49
13470#3 AN MALE TEE22.9919.49
134713/8 -24 I/F MALE-#3MALE STRAIT9.998.49
134723/8 -24 I/F MALE-#3 MALE 45O9.598.14
134743/8 -24 I/F MALE-#33 MALE 90OS10.999.14
134753/8 -24 I/F MALE-#3 MALE 150O9.998.49
134763/8 -24 I/F MALE-#3MALE S-BEND15.9913.49
134953/8 -24 I/F MALE-#3 MALE 90O L9.998.49
13993CHROME BANJO BOLT 3/8-244.994.24
13994CHROME BANJO BOLT 7/16- 2412.9910.99
13995CHROME FRT.ROUNG BRK. TEE 3/8-2422.9919.49
13996CHROME FRT.RND.BRK.TEE- 1/8 PIPE19.9916.99
29600CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 924.9920.99
29601CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 1225.9921.99
29602CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 1525.9921.99
29603CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 1727.9923.49
29604CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 1827.9923.49
29605CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 1927.9923.49
29606CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 2128.9924.49
29607CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 2328.9924.49
29608CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 2528.9924.49
29609CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 2628.9924.49
29610CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 2829.9925.49
29611CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 3029.9925.49
29612CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 3229.9925.49
29613CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 3431.9926.99
29614CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 3831.9926.99
29615CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 4032.9927.99
29616CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 4232.9927.99
29617CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 4332.9927.99
29618CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 4432.9927.99
29619CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 4534.9929.49
29620CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 4734.9929.49
29621CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 5034.9929.49
29622CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 5235.9930.49
29623CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 5435.9930.49
29624CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 5635.9930.49
29625CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 5836.9931.49
29626CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 6036.9931.49
29627CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 6238.9932.99
29628CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 6438.9932.99
29629CLR.COATED UNIV.DOT BRK LN 6638.9932.99
29666CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.931.9926.99
29667CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.1231.9926.99
29668CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.1532.9927.99
29669CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.1732.9927.99
29670CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.1832.9927.99
29671CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.1934.9929.49
29672CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.2134.9929.49
29673CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.2334.9929.49
29674CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.2535.9930.49
29675CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.2635.9930.49
29676CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.2835.9930.49
29677CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.3037.9931.99
29678CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.3237.9931.99
29679CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.3437.9931.99
29680CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.3838.9932.99
29681CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.4038.9932.99
29682CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.4239.9933.99
29683CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.4339.9933.99
29684CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.4439.9933.99
29685CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.4539.9933.99
29686CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.4741.9935.49
29687CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.5041.9935.49
29688CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.5241.9935.49
29689CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.5442.9936.49
29690CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.5642.9936.49
29691CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.5842.9936.49
29692CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.6044.9937.99
29693CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.6244.9937.99
29694CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.6444.9937.99
29695CLR.S/S BRK.LINE AN3 UNIV.6645.9938.99
29696MACH3 F/BRK LINE KT.FXSTS88-9569.9958.99
29697MACH3 F/BRK LINE KT.1200XLH96-69.9958.99
29698MACH3 F/BRK LINE KT.1200XLC96-69.9958.99
29699MACH3 F/BRK LINE KT.1200XLS96-185.99157.99
29700MACH3 F/BK LN KT.FXR92UP 883XL69.9958.99
29701MACH3 F/BRK LINE KT.FLHR 94-UP185.99157.99
29702MACH3 F/BRK LINE KT.FLST 87-UP57.9948.99
29703MACH3 F/BRK LINE KT.FLT/HT 92-185.99157.99
29705MACH3 F/BRK LINE KT.FXRS 89-93199.99169.99
29706MACH3 F/BRK LN KT.FXST/DWG84UP69.9958.99
29707MACH3 F/BRK LINE KT.FXSTS 96UP69.9958.99
29709MACH3 F/BRK LINE KT.XLH883 86-69.9958.99
29710MACH3 R/BRAKE LINE KT.FXD 91UP94.9980.49
29711MACH3 R/BRAKE LN KT.FXRS 89-9399.9984.99
29713MACH3 R/BRAKE LN KT.FLST 87 UP109.9992.49
29718MACH3 R/BRAKE LINE KIT.XL 86UP97.9982.99

Part # Description List Price Your Price
048009 LNG BLK.S/S UNIV.BRK.LNE AN319.985716.99
0480111 LNGBLK.S/S UNIV.BRK.LNE AN321.9918.49
0480212 LNGBLK.S/S UNIV.BRK.LNE AN327.9923.49
0480314 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN322.9919.49
0480415 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN328.9924.49
0480516 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN328.9924.49
0480617 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN328.9924.49
0480718 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN328.9924.49
0480819 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN324.9920.99
0480921 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN331.9926.99
0481023 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN325.9921.99
0481124 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN327.9923.49
0481226 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN327.9923.49
0481328 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN328.9924.49
0481430 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN335.9930.39
0481532 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN331.9926.99
0481634 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN331.9926.99
0481736 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN342.9935.99
0481838 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN332.9927.99
0481940 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN344.9937.99
0482042 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN335.9930.49
0482144 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN335.9930.49
0482246 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN337.9931.99
0482347 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN337.9931.99
0482450 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN342.9936.49
0482552 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN344.9937.99
0482654 LNG.BLK.S/S UNI.BRK.LNE.AN344.9937.99
14000S/S B/HOSE UNIV.9 -W #3 ENDS22.9919.49
14001S/S B/HOSE UNIV.12 -W #3 ENDS25.9921.99
14002S/S B/HOSE UNVI.15 -W #3 ENDS25.9921.99
14003S/S B/HOSE UNIV.17 -W #3 ENDS25.9921.99
14004S/S B/HOSE UNIV.19 -W #3 ENDS27.9923.49
14005S/S B/HOSE UNIV.21 -W #3 ENDS27.9923.49
14006S/S B/HOSE UNIV.23 -W #3 ENDS27.9923.49
14007S/S B/HOSE UNIV.25 -W #3 ENDS27.9923.49
14008S/S B/HOSE UNIV.26 -W #3 ENDS28.9924.49
14009S/S B/HOSE UNIV.28 -W #3 ENDS28.9924.49
14010S/S B/HOSE UNIV.30 -W #3 ENDS31.9926.99
14011S/S B/HOSE UNIV.32 -W #3 ENDS31.9926.99
14012S/S B/HOSE UNIV.34 -W #3 ENDS31.9926.99
14013S/S B/HOSE UNIV.38 -W/#3 ENDS32.9927.99
14014S/S B/HOSE UNIV.42 -W/#3 ENDS34.9929.49
14015S/S B/HOSE UNIV.47 -W/#3 ENDS35.9930.49
14016S/S B/HOSE UNIV.52 -W 3 ENDS37.9931.99
14017S/S B/HOSE UNIV.54 -W/#3 ENDS37.9931.99
14039S/S B/HOSE UNIV.5 W/#3 ENDS22.9919.49
14040S/S B/HOSE UNIV.11 W/#3 ENDS24.9920.99
14041S/S B/HOSE UNIV.14 W/#3 ENDS24.9920.99
14042S/S B/HOSE UNIV.16 W/#3 ENDS27.9923.49
14043S/S B/HOSE UNIV.18 W/#3 ENDS27.9923.49
14044S/S B/HOSE UNIV.24 W/#3 ENDS28.9924.49
14045S/S B/HOSE UNIV.40 W/#3 ENDS28.9927.99
14046S/S B/HOSE UNIV.43 W/#3 ENDS39.985733.99
14047S/S B/HOSE UNIV.46 W/#3 ENDS39.985733.99
14048S/S B/HOSE UNIV.50 W/#3 ENDS42.9936.49
14050S/S B/HOSE UNIV.9 -#3 TUV/DOT25.9921.99
14051S/S B/HOSE UNIV.12 -#3 TUV/DOT27.9923.49
14052S/S B/HOSE UNIV.15 -#3 TUV/DOT28.9924.49
14053S/S B/HOSE UNIV.17 -#3 TUV/DOT31.9926.99
14054S/S B/HOSE UNIV.19 -#3 TUV/DOT31.9926.99
14055S/S B/HOSE UNIV.21 -#3 TUV/DOT31.9926.99
14056S/S B/HOSE UNIV.23 LONG AN331.9926.99
14057S/S B/HOSE UNIV.25 -#3 TUV/DOT32.9927.99
14058S/S B/HOSE UNIV.26 -#3 TUV/DOT32.9927.99
14059S/S B/HOSE UNIV.28 -#3 TUV/DOT35.9930.49
14060S/S B/HOSE UNIV.30 -#3 TUV/DOT35.9930.49
14061S/S B/HOSE UNIV.32 -#3 TUV/DOT35.9930.49
14062S/S B/HOSE UNIV.34 -#3 TUV/DOT35.9930.49
14063S/S B/HOSE UNIV.38 -#3 TUV/DOT38.9932.99
14064S/S B/HOSE UNIV.42 -#3 TUV/DOT38.9932.99
14065S/S B/HOSE UNIV.47 -#3 TUV/DOT38.9932.99
14066S/S B/HOSE UNIV.52 -#3 TUV/DOT41.9935.49
14067S/S B/HOSE UNIV.54 -#3 TUV/DOT41.9935.49
14069S/S B/HOSE UNIV.5 W#3 TUV/DOT21.9918.49
14070S/S B/HOSE UNIV.11 W#3 TUV/DOT25.9921.99
14071S/S B/HOSE UNIV.14 W#3 TUV/DOT25.9921.99
14072S/S B/HOSE UNIV.16 W#3 TUV/DOT27.9923.49
14073S/S B/HOSE UNIV.18 W#3 TUV/DOT27.9923.49
14074S/S B/HOSE UNIV.24 W#3 TUV/DOT32.9927.99
14075S/S B/HOSE UNIV.40 W#3 TUV/DOT39.985733.99
14076S/S B/HOSE UNIV.43 W#3 TUV/DOT39.985733.99
14077S/S B/HOSE UNIV.46 W#3 TUV/DOT39.985733.99
14078S/S B/HOSE UNIV.50 W#3 TUV/DOT39.985733.99
14141CLEAR COAT S/S BRAKE LINE 519.985716.99
14142CLEAR COAT S/S BRAKE LINE 1121.9918.49
14143CLEAR COAT S/S BRAKE LINE 1422.9919.49
14144CLEAR COAT S/S BRAKE LINE 1624.9920.99
14145CLEAR COAT S/S BRAKE LINE 1825.9921.99
14146CLEAR COAT S/S BRAKE LINE 2427.9923.49
14147CLEAR COAT S/S BRAKE LINE 4037.9931.99
14148CLEAR COAT S/S BRAKE LINE 4638.9932.99
14149CLEAR COAT S/S BRAKE LINE 5041.9935.49
14150CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK LINE 919.985716.99
14151CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK.LINE 1222.9919.49
14152CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK.LINE 1524.9920.99
14153CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK.LINE 1725.9921.99
14154CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK LINE 1925.9921.99
14155CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK.LINE 2127.9923.49
14156CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK LINE 2327.9923.49
14157CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK LINE 2528.9924.49
14158CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK.LINE 2628.9924.49
14159CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK.LINE 2831.9926.99
14160CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK.LINE 3031.9926.99
14161CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK.LINE 3232.9927.99
14162CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK.LINE 3434.9929.49
14163CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK.LINE 3835.9930.49
14164CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK.LINE 4237.9931.99
14165CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK.LINE 4738.9932.99
14166CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK LINE 5239.985733.99
14167CLEAR COATED UNIV.BRK.LINE 5441.9935.49
671309PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 9"24.9920.99
671310PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 11"25.9921.99
671311PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 12"25.9921.99
671312PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 14"27.9923.49
671313PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 15"27.9923.49
671314PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 16"27.9923.49
671315PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 17"28.9924.49
671316PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 18"28.9924.49
671317PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 19"28.9924.49
671318PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 21"31.9926.99
671319PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 22"31.9926.99
671320PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 23"32.9927.99
671321PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 24"32.9927.99
671322PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 25"32.9927.99
671323PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 26"34.9929.49
671324PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 28"34.9929.49
671325PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 30"35.9930.49
671326PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 32"37.9931.99
671327PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 33"37.9931.99
671328PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 34"37.9931.99
671329PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 38"39.985733.99
671330PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 40"39.985733.99
671331PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 41"41.9935.49
671332PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 42"41.9935.49
671333PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 43"41.9935.49
671334PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 46"42.9936.49
671335PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 47"44.9937.99
671336PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 50"44.9937.99
671337PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 52"45.9938.99
671338PLATINUM BRAKE LINE 54"47.9940.49

Part # Description List Price Your Price
04830STRAIGHT 3/8 BLK.BANJO FTG.AN317.9914.99
04831STRAIGHT7/16 BLK.BANJO FTG.AN315.9913.49
0483235 DEG 3/8 BLK.BANJO FTG.AN319.985716.99
0483335 DEG 7/16 BLK.BANJO FTG.AN315.9913.49
0483490 DEG 3/8 BLK.BANJO FTG.AN319.985716.99
0483590 DEG 7/16 BLK.BANJO FTG.AN315.9913.49
04836150 DEG.BLK.TUBE ADAPTER AN322.9919.49
0483745 DEG.BLK.TUBE ADAPTER AN322.9919.49
0483860 DEG.BLK.TUBE ADAPTER AN321.9918.49
04839S DBL.BEND.BLK.TUBE.ADAP. AN319.985716.99
04840SHORT 90 DEG.TUBE ADAP.BLK.AN321.9918.49
04841LONG 90 DEG.TUBE ADAP.BLK.AN322.9919.49
04842AN3 TO 3/8 IF MALE FTG. BLACK12.9910.99
048433/8 SNGL.BANJO BOLT BLACK9.98578.49
048447/16 SNGL. BANJO BOLT BLACK9.98578.49
13170025'COIL SS TEFLON BRAKE HOSE165.99140.99
131702STAINLSS 10MM STR BANJO LONG31.9926.99
131703STAINLSS 10MM 20 DEG BANJO31.9926.99
131704STAINLSS 10MM 45 DEG BANJO35.9930.49
131705STAINLSS 10MM FEM STR HOSE END35.9930.49
131706STAINLSS 10MM 45DEG FEMALE61.9952.49
131707STAINLSS 10MM 90DEG FEMALE61.9952.49
14018BANJO 10MM MALE #3 STRAIGHT9.98578.49
14019BANJO 10MM MALE #3 35O BEND9.98578.49
14020BANJO 10MM MALE #3 90O BEND11.999.99
14021BANJO 12MM MALE #3 STRAIGHT9.98578.49
14022BANJO 12MM MALE #3 35O BEND9.98578.49
14023BANJO 12MM MALE #3 90O BEND11.999.99
14024MALE PIPE-1/8 #3 STRAIGHT5.994.99
14025MALE PIPE-1/8 #3 45O BEND11.999.99
14026MALE PIPE-1/8 #3 90O BEND8.997.49
14027MALE TEE AN-3-CHROME14.9912.49
14028#3 MALE-3/8 -24 1.F.MALE STR4.293.64
14029#3 MALE-3/8 -24 1.F.MALE 45O14.9912.49
14030#3 MALE-3/8 -24 1.F.MALE 60O14.9912.49
14031#3 MALE-3/8 -24 1.F.MALE 90OS15.9913.49
14032#3 MALE-3/8 -24 1.F.MALE 150O15.9913.49
14033#3 MALE-3/8 -24 1.F.MALE S-BEN17.9914.99
14034#3 MALE-3/8 -24 1.F.MALE 90OL15.9913.49
1403510MM CHROME BANJO BOLT9.98578.49
1403612MM CHROME BANJO BOLT9.98578.49
1448810MM CRUSH WASHERS PACK OF 65.994.99
1449012MM CRUSH WASHERS PACK OF 65.994.99
614970CHROME STRAIGHT 12MM17.9914.99
614971CHROME 35 DEGREE 12MM22.9919.49
61497212MMX1.5 BANJO BOLT8.997.49
61497310MMX1.25 BANJO BOLT7.996.49
61497412MM CRUSH WASHERS8.997.49

Part # Description List Price Your Price
14135BUILD-A-LINE S/S BRAKE LINE KT662.99563.49
14136CLEAR S/S BUILD-A-BRK.LINE KIT722.99614.49

Part # Description List Price Your Price
130770STR BANJO BOLT-SHORT 3/8-2412.9910.99
130771STR BANJO BOLT-SHORT 7/16-2421.9918.49
130772STR BANJO BOLT-LONG 3/8-2414.9912.49
13077345 DEG BANJO 3/8-2414.9912.49
13077470 DEG BANJO 38-2424.9920.99
130775STR HOSE END17.9914.99
13077690 DEG HOSE END21.9918.49
13077825'COIL SS TEFLON BRAKE HOSE97.9982.99
130790BANJO BOLT 3/8-247.996.49
130791(10)3/8 inCRUSH WASHERS4.993.99
130792(10)7/16CRUSH WASHERS4.993.99
130793(10)#3 FERRULES18.9915.99
13079425'COIL SS TEFLON BRAKE HOSE142.99121.49
131795CHROME STR 3/8-24 CONCAVE17.0914.11
14131DOUBLE BANJO BOLT FOR 14-1307.996.49
610187CHROME S/TAIL REAR BRK TEE 00-0431.9926.99
614975STRAIGHT 12MM ADPT18.9915.99
614979BLACK UNIVERSAL TEE15.9913.49
614980BLACK UNIVERSAL TEE35.9930.49
614981BLACK UNIVERSAL TEE35.9930.49
614982BLACK UNIVERSAL TEE21.9918.49

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