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09100DYNA TWIN FIRE II 40KV COIL149.99129.99
09413DYNA TWIN FIRE 4 TOWER 3OHM CL159.99134.99
09417COIL 5 OHM 12V DYNA DC-8 DUAL159.99134.99
09418COIL 5 OHM 12V DYNA DC-10 SNGL159.99134.99
09422DYNA DC3-1 3 OHM 12V SINGLE159.99134.99
09423COIL 3 OHM 12V DYNA DC1-1 DUAL159.99134.99
12381COIL-DYNA-3.0 OHM-ELECT.IGN.79.9968.49



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
17130COIL-12V 65-79 31609-65A37.9932.49
17131COIL-12V 1980-84 31609-8039.9933.99
28673R/T 2-80 000 VOLT D/TWR COIL121.99103.49
28714REVTECH 2 80KV COIL B/T&XL 80-61.9952.49
59720REVTECH COILS 3.0 OHM12V-2PLUG109.9992.49
59721REVTECH COILS 3.0 OHMI2V-1PLUG109.9992.49



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
24514CRANE HIGH POWER COIL97.9982.99
24529CRANE SINGLE FIRE COIL179.99149.99
24644CRANE DUAL FIRE COIL- 1979-UP109.9987.99
610309SGL FIRE COIL KT 2.5 EVO FXST269.99229.99
610310SGL FIRE COIL KT 2.5 EVO DYNA269.99229.99
610311SGL FIRE COIL KT 2.5 SHOVEL269.99229.99
610312SGL FIRE COIL KT 2.5 FXR259.99219.99
610313SGL FIRE COIL KT 2.5 EVO FLT269.99229.99
610314SGL FIRE LEFT COIL 2.5 OHM82.9970.49
640274CRANE TC IGNITION COIL 99&UP125.99106.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
030084D/SMITH COIL COVERS L & R49.9941.99
030976D-S TRI V COIL BRKT W/SWTCHS115.9999.99
030977D-S PWR-V COIL BRKT W/SWTCHS129.99109.99
030978D-S TRI-V COIL BRACKET92.9978.99
030979D-S PWR-V COIL BRACKET92.9978.99
17132CHROME SQUARE STYLE COIL B/T48-6456.9947.49
24890COIL PERF.BLK.12V B/T&XL 88-UP44.9937.49
24891COIL PERF CHROME 12V.B/T&XL 88-UP57.9948.49
24892COIL BLACK 12V.XL 85UP B/T 84-34.9929.99
24893COIL CHROME 12V XL 85- BT 84UP43.9937.49
24896COIL BLACK 12V XL & B/T 65-7945.9937.99
24897COIL CHROME 12V XL & B/T 65-7944.9938.49
25412COIL-12V ALL 65-79 H-D -65A59.9949.99
25413COIL-12V ALL 80-E83 H-D -8059.9949.99
25414COIL-12V ALL L83-PRESENT H-D59.9949.99
672526TWINTEC 3 OHM MINI COIL KIT114.9995.99


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Nology ProFire High Performance Coils

A well-known name in racing circles, Nology ProFire coils boost spark energy for maximum performance on the street or down the track. Some of the smallest coils on the market, they provide spark voltages in excess of 45,000 volts over the entire RPM range with quick rise time and remarkable energy reserves. Size makes them a great choice for custom bikes, performance makes them the best choice for any bike. Designed for digital ignitions including: Crane HI-4, Compu-Fire Elite 1, DYNA 2000, RevTech® Digital, Power Arc, V-Thunder and stock Harley-Davidson® ignition systems. Not compatible with point ignitions.

Nology Power Core Amplifier

Increase ignition coil output and performance of an ignition system. Simply connect to the primary side of the ignition coil and boost spark voltage up to 50%. The higher spark energy ignites the fuel/air mixture much more quickly and efficiently for more horsepower, torque and better economy.

Andrews SuperVolt Coils

Dual tower design delivers 30,000+ volts. Available for both electronic or conventional point-style ignitions. Easy-to-use color coding ensures the right ohm resistance coil for every application.

Dynatek 'Twin Fire' 3-Ohm High-Output Coils

The perfect complement to digital electronic ignition systems. Each unit packs two individual coils into one high-performance component only slightly larger than a stock-style coil. Fit FXR, Dyna Glide® and Softail® models in stock locations using stock brackets and easily fits under the tank on XL and FLH models. Available for single spark plug head applications in either low or high tower configurations and for dual spark plug applications with four output towers. Made in the USA.

For Single Spark Plug Heads

Note: These coils are designed to be used with digital electronic ignitions with dwell control such as the RevTech® Digital (CCI #59-770) and Dyna Digital (CCI #12-374).

Dyna Ignition Coils

Dyna coils for Harley-Davidson, applications are high-quality American-made performance coils designed to provide spark voltages in excess of 30,000 volts and spark energy second to none. Coils may be installed in conjunction with all Original Equipment and aftermarket electronic and point-type ignition systems. Available in a 6-volt and four 12-volt versions with single and dual towers, these coils are the perfect answer for two or four plug heads. Additional brackets will be required for installation. Sold in pairs.

Accel Super Coils

Accel Super Coils, which are available in both Point and electronic versions, produce up to 67% more voltage than stock coils. They also have a faster rise time and longer spark duration which provide quicker starting, an improved idle and crisper throttle response. Other features of these American-made coils include a finned top which acts as a voltage dam to prevent arcing, carbon-tracking and "flashover", as well as improved configurations to permit simple bolt-on installations.

Note: These coils may not be used in conjunction with CCI #15-205, or #15-206 coil covers due to interference problems.

Accel Power Pulse Coil

Accel performance coil with a unique design that provides longer spark duration with a greater KV rating and faster rise time than the stock coil. Molded in bright yellow epoxy, it is guaranteed to improve starting, mid-range response and top-end performance.

Powerband Stock Replacement Coils

These American-made coils are designed to be used as stock replacement units for the three different 12-volt coils used since 1965. While they all share the same physical configuration as the current production late model electronic ignition coil, they all feature the exact same electrical specifications of their respective Original Equipment counterparts.

Fits all 12-volt Sportster or Big Twin models from 1965 thru 1979 with points or Prestolite electronic ignitions

Note: These coils are not interchangeable. Misapplication may shorten point life or damage other electronic components.

Fits all Shovelhead models from 1980 thru 1984 and Sportster models from 1980 thru 1982 with V-Fire II electronic ignition, as well as Sportster models from 1983 thru 1984 with V-Fire III ignitions

Fits all Big Twin models from 1984 to present and Sportster models from 1985 to present with V-Fire III ignitions

Blue Streak 45,000 Volt Coil

Blue Streak ignition components have a well-deserved reputation for quality and reliability. Their coils deliver more spark energy than stock coils, and are a great choice for demanding street or race applications. The higher voltage eliminates spark deterioration even at high RPM.

Late-Model Performance Coil

Although this coil has a different shape than the Original Equipment part it replaces, it features the same quality components, with the added benefit of a big KV output than stock. Fits all Harley models from 1984 to present with the stock V-Fire III electronic ignition.

Dual-Fire Coils from Crane Cams

Complements Crane's HI-4 digital ignition systems and other high-performance ignition systems requiring coils with 2-3 ohms resistance. Smaller and lighter than the Original Equipment design. Provides significantly higher energy output yet easily fits the original equipment mounting bracket.

RevTech High-Performance Ignition Coils

These coils produce up to 30,000 volts of spark energy to insure a clean fuel burn and maximize ignition efficiency in all two- and four-plug ignition systems. They may be installed with the custom billet aluminum brackets and covers contained elsewhere in this section. The 6-volt coils may be wired in series for single point or electronic ignitions. The 12-volt coils were designed mostly for dual point or dual electronic pick-up ignitions more commonly referred to as 'single fire' systems. Sold in pairs.

Coils from Crane Cams

Complements Crane HI-4 digital ignition systems and other high-performance ignition systems requiring coils with 2-3 ohms resistance. Single-fire coil combines two coils into one small package that fits neatly under Original Equipment coil covers. Dual-fire model is a high-output coil ideal for high-performance dual-fire ignitions or as a quality stock replacement. Dual-fire model has the same shape, size and mounting system as the Original Equipment coil.

RevTech High-Performance 12-Volt Coils

RevTech high-performance coils from Custom Chrome feature spark voltages of 40,000 volts, That's right - 40,000 volts which makes these the highest output stock-style coils on the market. They're made in the U.S.A. and available in two versions to fit most Big Twin and Sportster models from 1965 to present.

Dynatek Dyna-Mite Coils

Dyna-Mite- coils feature the same dependability and performance as the original 'Dyna' coils and produce spark voltages in excess of 30,000 volts with spark energies second-to none. All 'Dyna' coils are also covered by a Limited Manufacturers Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Accel Super Coil Kit

Maximum spark energy is delivered with a fast coil rise time and high voltage. Compatible with both point-triggered and electronic ignitions. The high energy output requires severe-duty 8.8mm wire leads which are included. Complete with instructions and appropriate hardware. Fits Sportster® and Big Twin models from 1965 to present.

Performance coils have high impact plastic cases come in chrome or black finish. For most 12-volt ignition systems used on Big Twin and Sportster models 1965 to present.

American-made replacement coils for 1965 thru 1984 12-volt applications. Engineered to the exact specifications and design as the Original Equipment parts they replace. Available for 1965 thru 1979 models or 1980 thru 1984 models equipped with V-Fire II or V-Fire III electronic ignitions.

Note: These two coils are not interchangeable. Installation of the 1980 thru 1984 coil on earlier models, or the installation of the 1965 thru 1979 coil on later models, may shorten point life or damage other electronic components on the vehicle.

Thunderbolt Coils

All-new technology, bringing tremendously improved reliability and performance to the classic round-style coil. Custom Chrome has dramatically improved the coil's internal design using long-proven automotive high performance technology. The coil's internal windings are 100% immersed in a genuine oil-filled jacket. The oil insulation cannot become brittle with age or crack from heat like conventional jelly-insulating materials. Leakage is prevented by a sealed one-piece chromed steel case, capped with an epoxy-sealed, double-lip rolled edge. Included with each coil are a pair of wire-core 'yellow jacket' spark plug leads with black 90-degree boots, as well as a chromed coil bracket, hardware, threaded plug wire connectors and a genuine 'THUNDERBOLT' logo sticker.

Original-style square coils complete with copper core wires, connectors and bracket. Available in two versions to fit many models from 1948 thru early-1982. They're not compatible with electronic ignitions on 1980 and later models.

12-volt and 6-volt versions of the round style universal coil. Complete with bracket and twin 17" copper core universal plug leads. Screw-type lead connectors and rubber plug wire to connector nut sleeves.