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Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
12340ACCEL GENERATOR BRUSHES 1932-5220.9917.24
12341ACCEL GENERATOR BRUSHES 1958-816.495.24
12343ACCEL GENERATOR BRUSHES 1952-5720.9917.24
15927FIELD COIL 12V HD30201-6517.9915.49
19324ARMATURE 12V 30851-65A64.9954.99
19772GENERATOR DRIVE GEAR-14T-XL S 63-E846.795.79
19782GENERATOR DRIVE GR.13T-B/TWIN 58-697.996.44
25020ARM GEAR END BRG 90074.293.64
25306O SEAL GENERATOR CVR 12002 (5)14.9911.84
25920GENERATOR 12V CHROME 29975-65A199.99164.99
25921GENERATOR 12V BLACK 29975-65A169.99139.99
26160GENERATOR OIL DEFLECT 31035-587.696.54
26161GENERATOR WASHER (10) 31067-639.898.04
26363GENERATOR NEEDLE BRG 90888.697.39
54061O/SEAL GENERATOR 30145-46A (10)16.9913.99
660511MTF GASKET GENERATOR MT 3014348 (10)4.293.54



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
12293GENERATOR CV 58-69 74 S&57UPSPT14.9911.49
25502ARMATURE 12V HD ACCEL119.9998.99
25503FIELD COILS ACCEL 12V HD59.9949.49
2551512V 2 BRUSH GENERATOR REPAIR KT16.9913.99
2809212V ELECTRONIC 12V REGULATOR.119.9998.99
36251ALLEN KIT F/GENERATOR 71-84 XL7.195.94
36265ALLEN KIT F/GENERATOR 58-69 BT8.997.49
36270ALLEN KIT F/GENERATOR 36-57 BT7.996.49


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Compu-Fire Voltage Regulator/Rectifier

Solid state units are designed for specific applications with the proper amperage and correct plug in harness. Completely sealed against the elements and cool running with aluminum heat sink.

Ness-Tech 'Wedge' Rectifier/Regulators

Hot new chrome-plated billet wedge shape is combined with modern solid state electronics sealed in epoxy for reliability and durability. Hidden style mounts from below and fits most applications except Softail' which require the removal of factory mounting studs on the frame.

Elite 1 Voltage Regulator by Compu-Fire

Obsoletes current-style regulators. New generation design reduces load on stator windings which reduces heating and extends the life of the stator. Engine drag due to alternator load is significantly reduced. Precise voltage regulation extends battery life. Due to its advanced technology, cooling fins are not necessary. Housed in a machined aluminum case in polished or chromed versions.

Elite 1 Wiring Harnesses

Use with Elite 1 voltage regulator.

Doss 5-Angle Rectifier/Regulators

High style on the outside and high technology on the inside are combined in this American-made Rick Doss design. Die-cast aluminum housing features Original Equipment-style internal mounting hole and boss for late-model ground strap-equipped applications. Internally, screen-printed circuit boards and ceramic components ensure lower operating temperatures and longer life. Covered by our exclusive 'High-Voltage' limited warranty that effectively extends coverage to one full year from installation. See table for applications. 

C.C. Rider Rectifier/Regulators

American-made rectifier/regulators are utilize the latest state-of-the-art surface-mount technology. Unlike many products on the market today, our rectifier/regulators are made with screen-printed circuit boards and ceramic components which lower operating temperatures for longer life without temperature-related failures. They deliver improved electrical performance for lighting, battery and ignition which also helps protect valuable power sources and wiring. They're covered by our exclusive 'High Voltage' limited warranty that effectively extends coverage to one full year from date of installation. Standard black finish with polished fins or fully chromed. See table for applications.

C.C. Rider Solid-State Voltage Regulators

American-made solid-state voltage regulators replace earlier-style mechanical regulators on generator-equipped bikes. No battery needed for lights if used with magneto. Covered by our exclusive 'High Voltage' limited warranty that effectively extends coverage to one full year from date of installation. See table for applications.

Accel Voltage Rectifier/Regulators

Solid-state design feature Accel's ball burnished black baked enamel finish. Regulators are individually tested before shipment and packaged with complete installation instructions and warranty card. Made in the U.S.A. See table for applications.

Accel Solid-State Voltage Regulators for Generator Models

Accel solid-state technology in American-made regulators to replace mechanical regulators on generator-equipped bikes. 3-wire universal connection with 10" leads - tan-armature, green-field, red-battery. See table for applications.

C.C. Rider Low Profile Rectifier/Regulators

Here's a smooth custom look for a very visible part on the front of your bike. We've taken our reliable, American-made C.C. Rider rectifier/regulators and built them in a low-profile case for a clean new look. As with all of our electrical components, they're covered by our standard limited warranty and, due to their outstanding quality, are fully eligible for our exclusive 'High Voltage' limited warranty that effectively extends coverage to one full year from date of installation. See table for applications.

Arlen Ness Signature Edition Solid-State Rectifier/Regulators by Accel

American-made units feature a unique design and show-chrome plating. Regulators are individually tested before shipment and include installation instructions and a warranty card. See table for applications.

Accel Mechanical Regulators

Top-quality American-made units feature heavy-duty shock mounted steel bases, vibration-resistant internal wire connections, fiber and mylar insulated pads, and large diameter contact surfaces.

12-volt Delco-style. Fits FL models 1965 thru 1969 and XLH 1967 thru 1978.

6-volt Delco-style. Fits KH, XL and XLH models 1954 thru 1964, and 6-volt FL models 1958 thru 1964.

Generator Regulator with Integral Charging Monitor

Cure electrical system reliability problems with the C.C. Rider® solid state regulator with charging LEDs. It attaches directly to the end of the generator and is enclosed in a die-cast aluminum housing with polished fins on the end. Solid state components are completely sealed in epoxy to eliminate moisture and vibration problems giving completely reliable service. Green and red LEDs give continuous readout of system performance.

Solid-State Regulator with Chrome End Cover

American-made, solid-state regulator has screenprinted circuit boards and ceramic components to lower operating temperatures and insure longer life. Installs in minutes and eliminates mounting problems.

Doss Chrome Regulator Covers for Dyna Glide models

These great looking chrome-plated stamped steel covers have three vent slots to permit air to circulate around and keep the regulator cool. Complete with chrome-plated hardware and instructions.

Chrome Covers for Solid-State Regulators

Chrome-plated die-cast covers fit Original Equipment or aftermarket solid-state regulators on most Big Twin models from 1970 to present. Complete with chrome sockethead screws or black Allenuts® where required.

Regulator Brackets

These chrome brackets mount solid-state regulators on models with solid mount motors.

Chrome Rectifier/Regulator Bracket

Rectifier/regulator bracket for rubber-mount models from 1980 to present (except Dyna Glide models). Reproduction of the original, with the correct gauge metal and mounting holes. Bracket has dual mounting pattern to relocate the rectifier/regulator on custom applications.

Regulator Mounting Bracket

Bracket mounts to generator for installing Bosch regulators. Fits Big Twin and Sportster models.

Universal Voltage Regulator Mounting Bracket

Use this bracket to mount any of our solid-state voltage regulators.

Chrome Regulator Bracket

Duplicates the obsolete Original Equipment regulator bracket used from 1958 thru 1964 on all Big Twins. Mounts to rear motor mount holes.