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17267STARTER O/RNG(33340-90)BT89-93(10)7.196.09
28380STARTER JACKSHAFT KIT B/T 94-89.9974.99
28381STARTER JACKSHAFT KT B/T 89-9389.9974.99
28382COUPLING (31548-90) B/T 1989UP11.999.89
28383STARTER COUPLING(60647-90)B/T89-9318.9915.99
28384SRT.SHFT.EXT(33127-90)BT 89-9328.9924.49
28386STARTER PIN.GEAR(31342-90)B/T89-9357.9948.49
28677STARTER JACKSHFT ASSY.B/T 89-9379.9967.99
28678STARTER JACKSHFT ASSY.B/T 94-UP79.9967.99
6103021084 R/GEAR SET 98-UP BT209.99177.49
75273STARTER SHFT EXT(33127-94)BT94-75.9964.49
75275PIN.GR.SPRING(33449-94)B/T 94-1.491.14
75276STRT.PIN.GEAR(31342-94)B/T 94-67.9957.49
75277STARTER THRST.WSHR(31430-94)BT 94-24.9920.99
75278STARTER LOCKPLATE(33126-94)B/T 94-5.994.99
75279STARTER GEAR SCREW(4358)B/T 1994UP24.9920.99
75280STARTER COUPLING(60647-94)B/T 94UP19.9916.99
75281RETAINING RING(11248)7.696.14
75282RETAINING RING (11182)7.696.14
75283RETAINING RING (11183)5.994.99
75288STARTER THRST.WSH(31430-93)BT89-936.595.54
75289STARTER LOCKPLATE(33126-93)BT89-931.991.59
75290STARTER SHAFT SCREW(4325)B/T 89-9339.9933.49
75292THRST.WSHR(31430-90) B/T 90-9218.9915.99
75298BUSHG INR.PRI(33445-89)BT89-938.997.49
92200STARTER SHAFT BUSH.#33445-894.994.24
92201STARTER SHAFT BUSH. #33445-943.492.74



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
050434START SHFT SHIFT CLLR FL70-827.996.84
050437(10)RTNG RING STARTER CLLR4.493.74
050443(5)THRUST WSHR STARTER DRS 1965-18.9915.99
28616STARTER SHAFT 4 SPEED B/T 1970-8528.9923.49



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
09778STARTER HOUSING BRNG.OEM#90624.593.79
09779STARTER HOUSING OEM# 31572-7354.9943.99
09782STARTER HOUSING-P/LITE31465-6545.9937.99
25531HEAVY DUTY STARTER DRIVE 65-8829.9924.49
28626SHIFT LEVER/STARTGEAR-B/T65-846.995.84
28627O/DEFLECT PLATE B/T65-84STARTR7.996.74
28960STARTER DRIVE CLUTCH 90-UP B/T92.9978.99
644074STARTER DRIVE GEAR29.9924.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
46536DOSS 2000 S/T STARTE END COVER26.9922.99
65213PRO1 WIRING HARNESS B/T 85-UP429.99364.99
65288PRO1 W/HARNESS 1PC TNK.OEM SWT429.99364.99
65290PRO1 W/HARNESS 4 STARTER FRM.NO SW429.99364.99


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Spyke Super Torque Starters

High-performance motors demand high-performance starting power, which is exactly what Spyke starters are built to provide. Full 1.4 KW rating, which is up to 200% more torque than Original Equipment. Increased cranking speed and low amperage-draw design delivers fast, reliable starts with less battery drain.

Spyke Black Replacement Starters

1.2 KW starters built to deliver more cranking power with less amperage draw than stock starters. Made in the USA

Spyke Starter Jackshaft Kits

Includes starter shaft extension, couplings and components for complete starter installation.

Replacement Starter Jackshafts

Complete Jackshaft kits include starter shaft, coupling, pinion gear, clips, spring, locktab, washers and screws.

Stock Replacement Starters for Late Model Big Twins

Duplicates of the Original Equipment Nippondenso electric starter motors used for Big Twin models since 1991. Black wrinkle finish is cosmetically-challenged, but these Starters are as good mechanically as you can find anywhere.

Starter Covers

Two styles of covers are offered to dress up your new starter.

High Torque Starter Motors by Compu-Fire

Get even the biggest, baddest stroker motor running with the increased power of these polished 1.4KW and 2.0 K starters. All new, with no remanufactured parts or components from lower powered, standard 1.2KW starters. These super-strong, reliable, precision units are ideal for built-up, high-performance motors. For FXR and Softail models.

Note: Increased size over Original Equipment starter motor limits fitment to the applications listed only. Will not fit Dyna Glide models or FL-based touring models (including Road King)

2.0 KW

1.4 KW

High-Torque Starter Motors

Easily turn over even high performance Big Twins with a high- torque 1.4 KW starter motor from a 4-cylinder automotive application. Bolts up just like stock with even higher reliability. A must for high compression, high-performance engines.

Includes all parts needed to upgrade the Original Equipment starter to the higher 1.4 KW output.

Hitachi-Type Starter Motors

Reproductions of the Original Equipment Hitachi electric starter motor used on many models from 1973 thru 1988. A chrome starter end cover kit and Hitachi-type replacement parts also available.

Prestolite-Type Starter Motors

Reproductions of the Original Equipment Prestolite electric starter motor used on many models from 1966 thru 1982. Chrome end cover kit and replacement parts also available.


This is a powerful, yet compact, gear reduction starter with a 1.9:1 internal drive ratio that easily starts big engines. It's designed for open only primary drives with a 3" belt drive and will work on all 1970-1984 swingarm frames with an adjustable transmission. The electric start drive unit requires an electric start oil tank, a starter switch, and cables (not included in the kit). With slight modification to the shift linkage and the clutch cross shaft, the installation is very easy. Billet aluminum alloy is used to manufacture the adapter plates. The kit comes complete with all necessary hardware and instructions needed for installation. Some machining required.


Replacement starter housing for Big Twins and Sportsters 1965-1979. Available for Prestolite or Hitachi starter motors.


High quality replacement starter drive parts for 5-speed Big Twins 1989-up.



This starter shaft gear fits all XLH models 1967-1980 with electric start.

Chrome Late Model Starter End Covers

Here's a unique item that dresses up the end of the starter. It replaces the stock piece with a chrome-plated billet cover, and fits all Big Twin models from 1991 to present.

Diamond Starter End Cover

Continue Landmark's 'Diamond' theme with the chrome-plated billet starter end cover.

Chrome Billet Starter Motor and Solenoid Covers

Add a high-tech highlight with these easy-to-install parts by Carlini Design. Easy installation requires no disassembly and takes just minutes. Made in the USA.

Chrome Solenoid Cover

Clean-up the looks of your bike with this handsomely-finished cover for the starter solenoid.

Inferno and Mirage Starter End Covers

The hot Inferno or Mirage styling can be added to your bike in minutes to dress up the area under the oil tank. Chrome-plated die-cast covers include mounting hardware. For all Softail models 1989 to present.

Chrome Starter End Cover

A simple-to-install chrome starter motor end cover kit for all Sportster® models from 1967 thru 1980 and Big Twins with Hitachi or Prestolite starters from 1965 thru 1988.

Chrome Solenoid End Cover

Fits over the solenoid end on all Softail and 4-speed FL/FX models from 1965 thru 1988.

Doss Chrome Starter Cover for FXR and Dyna Glide Models

Rick Doss designed this piece to add detail to FXR and Dyna Glide models from 1991 to present. It attaches to the starter with a single chrome-plated button head screw.

Millennium Starter and Solenoid Covers

Trick rounded CNC-machined surfaces are the hallmark of the Millennium accessory series from Pro-One®. Chrome billet tarter and solenoid end covers dress up dull starters. For all Big Twin and 1200 Sportster® models from 1991 to present; and 883 Sportster® models from 1995 to present.


Ball milled

Doss Starter End Covers for Softail® Models

These stylish covers bolt-on in minutes to dress up the area under the oil tank. Four milled 'speed lines' highlight the covers which complement many of the other accessories designed by Rick Doss which may be found elsewhere in this catalog.

Note: The 'Speed Lines' in the photo have been filled in with paint for illustration purposes only.

Stainless Steel Starter End Cover

Stamped from stainless steel, this accessory cleans up the look of the starter area, and will never rust or discolor.

Chrome Solenoid Cover

No adjustment needed to mount this triple chrome-plated cover. It slides over the solenoid and mounts with existing bolts to the primary case. Fits all 4-speed Big Twins from 1965 thru 1986 and all Softail models from 1984 thru 1988.

Starter Motor End Cover Adapter

Install the point cover of your choice on the end of your bike's starter motor and match the style of  the accessories you have on the bike by using this adapter. Machined from billet aluminum and highly polished.

Chrome Starter Cover for 5-Speed Models

Show-chrome cover installs in minutes and gives years of good looks and service. Fits all 5-speed models from 1980 thru 1988.

These chrome starter motor covers install in minutes and fit a wide variety of models. Fits 4-speed FL models (except Classic) from 1966 thru 1982 and 1967 thru 1980 XLH with Prestolite starter motor