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011110SHVL B/BORE FR CYLS STD LENG158.99135.14
011111BIG BORE R/ CYL STD LENG FL/FX158.99135.14
0111133 5/8 BIG BORE R/ CYL+.200 FL/158.99135.14
58486R/T BLK.3-7/8 BORE T/CAM CYL.229.99194.99
58560R/T RAW 3-5/8 CYLDR&PISTON KIT499.99429.99
58586883 TO 1200 CONV.10:1 XL 88-UP759.99644.99
658490BLK T/C95"BIG BORE CYL/PSTN KT659.99559.99
658491RAW T/C95"BIG BORE CYL/PSTN KT669.99569.99
75500PISTON & PLAIN CYL EVO B/T 84-329.99279.99
75501PISTON & BLK CYLND EVO B/T 84-329.99279.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
011100FRONT CYLINDER PANHEADS 48-65154.99127.84
011102REAR CYLINDER PANHEADS 1948-65154.99127.84
011104FRONT CYLINDER STD SIZE 74CI157.49133.74
011106REAR CYLINDER STD SIZE 74CI157.49133.74
011108REAR CYLINDER STD SIZE 80CI157.49133.74
011109FRONT CYLINDER STD SIZE 80CI139.99118.99
011177EV XL 1200CC CYLINDER F/R REPL184.49156.59
45776S&S 3 5/8 SHOV.CYLS.66-84 STCK669.95592.91
45785S&S 3 5/8 X 4 5/8 CYLS B/T 84-454.95402.63
45793S&S3 7/16 SHV.CYLS B/T66-84STK669.95592.91
45945SHOV CYLS. 3.5 X5.530 L 66-84669.95592.91
45946SHOV CYLS.3 5/8 X 5.530 66-84669.95592.91
51112EVO CYLINDER-B/TWIN-ALUM.169.99144.99
51113EVO CYLINDER-XL 1200159.99134.99
58030CYL.REVTECH 3 5/8 STND.619.99539.99


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By starting with solid blocks of billet, Patrick Racing cylinders retain all the strength and consistent grain structure of 6061 T6 billet a consistency in the metal that simply can't be duplicated using traditional castings.

Cylinder Features

Axtell Cylinders for Evolution® Big Twin
These 'Mountain Motor' cylinders are made from high-quality G-3000 cast iron that offers exceptional wear characteristics and 35,000 P.S.I, tensile strength. You can set the piston squish up close and maintain it that way when the motor gets hot, which is virtually impossible with aluminum cylinders. Seating of the rings is also a problem with aluminum cylinders and by using these cylinders you can be assured the bores will stay straight and round. These are stock appearing cylinders with internal oil drains and stock head bolts.

Note: For high-performance pistons to go along with these cylinders look for the Custom Chrome RevTech® forged stroker pistons on our pistons page.

Torque Plates for Evolution® Cylinders
An absolute must for anyone that bores or hones Evolution® cylinders.

There's nothing like a 10% displacement boost to wake up a mild mannered Big Twin. Available for the first time from Wiseco are complete cylinder and piston kits that provide perfectly matched components to build a thoroughbred 88" Big Twin. Available in pump-gas mild 9.25 or power building10:1 compression ratios. The Wiseco pistons are forged from hi-silicon aluminum alloy for superior strength and durability. Kits include precision honed 3 5/8" big bore sleeved alloy cylinders, Wiseco forged pistons, Hastings® X-style rings, wrist pins, circlips, head and base gaskets,  3 5/8" bore with stock 4 1/4" stroke gives an 88" motor.

Sputhe Engineering Big Bore cylinder assemblies are manufactured from the best materials available to the most exacting standards in the industry. Sputhe cylinders are cast of high-strength 383 aluminum alloy with a special Lascomite sleeve. Lascomite is a chrome moly alloy that's harder, tougher and less brittle than stock cast iron sleeves. The 3.780" (96mm) bore pistons are machined from zero silicone, high nickel T7 aluminum forgings on single point diamond contouring machine for quieter running and minimum friction.Sputhe cylinders are sold in sets complete with pistons, rings, head & base gaskets, O-rings, piston pins and snap rings, Fits Evolution® Big Twins 1986-1991.

Includes cylinder with piston, rings, wrist pin and keepers. Factory sized ready for installation. Fits front or rear application on models listed. Sold each.

S & S 3 5/8" big bore aluminum cylinders for Evolution® models 1984-up feature cast iron sleeves for excellent wear and performance characteristics. Includes front and rear cylinders bored for 3-5/8" big bore pistons. Cylinders are 5.565" long and work with stock (4 1/4") or 4 5/8" stroker flywheels.

Designed for stock stroke Evolution 883, 1100 and 1200cc Sportster 1986-up engines, the 79" Sidewinder kit comes complete with: 3-5/8" bore Sidewinder® cylinders Forged big bore pistons complete with rings, wrist pins, and retainers, head and base gaskets. Comprehensive assembly instructions. Installation requires a crankcase boring operation to accept the SIDEWINDER® cylinders, flywheel balancing and cylinder head combustion chamber modification. Fits Sportster® 883, 1100 and 1200cc models 1986-up

RevTech® High-Performance Cylinders for Shovelheads
These cylinders are cast of a specially-formulated iron alloy that's charged with a much higher chromium content than is typically used. This results in improved ring compatibility and much better wear resistance. The RevTech® cast iron alloy demonstrates greatly increased strength at elevated temperatures and resists thermal shock loads 2.4 times greater than conventional cast iron. The RevTech® cylinder design strengthens the casting's foundation' and its greatest 'weak point'... the base. Even the cooling fins have drawn the attention of RevTech® engineers they have been redesigned for greater heat dissipation. There is an attention to detail and ease of assembly that isn't commonly found in high performance products. The special design base nuts offer greater strength while the cylinder base nut reliefs are fully machined to insure clearance for both the nut and a normal closed end wrench, so they can easily be tightened to the correct torque specifications. RevTech® cylinder head bolts are forged from 4140 chromemoly steel, then heat-treated. Even the gaskets are of a special design and material that is formulated to adhere under the most extreme heat and pressure. Sold in pairs.

Heavy-duty cylinder studs and inserts for Evolution® Big Twins and Sportsters® are a must to help prevent head and base gasket leakage in stock or high performance applications. Studs are made from heat treated chrome-moly and have rolled threads for maximum strength. Kits contain 8 studs, 8 inserts, special cutter, tap, tap guide and instructions. Studs and inserts are also available separately for repair of aftermarket or stock cases.