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Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
45803S&S FORGD PISTON KIT 3.5X4-5/8289.95252.26
45858S&S 89 STROKER KT.B/T 84-99964.95853.98
45864S&S F/WHEEL ASSY.4 1/4 BT 84-9399.95353.96
45866S&S 4 5/8 F/WHL ASSY.B/T 84-89399.95353.96
45905S&S 4 1/4 F/WHL ASSY B/T 90-UP399.95353.96



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
021011(2)MTR FACT WRIST PIN BSHG XL15.9913.49
021013(2)MTR FACT WRIST PIN BSHG FL15.9913.49
20324CON ROD ASSY W/CR PIN BT 41-73219.99184.99
20325CON ROD ASSY W/CR PIN BT74-E81219.99184.99
20326CON RD ASSY W/80CR PIN BT81-83219.99184.99
20328CON ROD ASSY W/CR PIN XL 57-80219.99184.99
20329CON ROD ASSY W/80CR PIN XL8185219.99184.99
20330CON ROD ASSY W/80CR PIN XL8696219.99184.99
45720S&S SUPREME.CON-ROD SET BT 81-434.95395.81
58006R/T 4-1/4 STROKE FLYWHEEL SET499.99449.99
58009R/T 4-3/8 STROKE FLYWHEEL SE499.99449.99
75505FLYWHEEL & ROD ASSY. B/T 78-861299.991109.99


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Stock replacement crank shaft assemblies come complete with rods and shaft fully assembled and balanced for stock cast pistons.



The S & S 89" stroker kit is designed with maximum potential engine life and performance in mind. Each component is engineered with the strongest possible construction available. Design features include:

Available for Evolution® Big Twins 1984-up, each kit includes flywheel assembly with rods and shafts (balanced, trued, and ready to Install), +.005" oversized pistons with rings, wrist pins and retainers and instructions.

Engineered with the strongest possible materials and construction methods available. Available in 4-1/4" (stock) or 4-5/8" strokes, each S & S crank shaft is factory assembled and comes complete with heavy duty rods, pinion shaft and sprocket shaft fully assembled, ready to install. Flywheels only are also available for stock replacement.

These connecting rods have been designed as heavy duty replacements for stock or modified Harley Davidson® engines. Each set comes complete with crank pin,bearings, bearing retainers, nuts, and piston pin bushings. Ready to install.Design features include: Drop forged from 4140 chrome moly steel  Harder than stock heat treatment specifications Additional rod to rod clearance to accommodate strokes up to 5"  7.440" center to center length


Ready to install, complete with crank pin, crank pin nuts, piston pin bushings and rod rollers with aluminum retainers.

JIMS Crank Pin Kits
These crank pins feature a 16 micron finish or better on the flywheel shafts and all diameters ground concentric to at least .0003". Each kit includes a precision American made 2- or 3-hole crank pin, two crank pin nuts and a woodruff key.

3-Hole Crank Pin Kits

These quality American made crank pins and flywheel shafts are made from a premium aerospace approved chromium nickel molybdenum alloy with state of the art computerized manufacturing equipment. This alloy is vacuum degassed to ensure meeting the magnetic particle standards of ASM2301 making it the most durable alloy available to insure long lasting performance. The crank pins feature a new oiling design, 180 degrees apart, for more complete lubrication on bearing diameter. Made in the USA.

Upper Rod Bushings

Connecting Rod Races
Complete set of three male and female races.

Crankcase Rollers for Big Twins
For the left case of OHV Big Twins1930 thru 1957 (24 used), and the right case 1958 thru 1986 (28 used). Also fit all early wheels.

Right Side Crankcase Rollers forSportster® and Big Twin Models
For 1957-1976 Sportster models and1955-1957 OHV Big Twins (13 used)