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020691S&S 3-5/8 BORE GNRTR CSS'58-641439.951238.36
45750S&S ENGINE CASE 3.5 BORE B/T92-991039.95894.36
45751S&S ENGINE CASE 35/8 BR B/T 92-991039.95894.36
45752S&S ENGINE CASE 3.5 BORE B/T84-911039.95894.36
45753S&S ENGINE CASE 3 5/8 B/T 84-911039.95894.36
45754S&S ENGINE CASE 3.5 SHVL BT 70-841049.95902.96
45755S&S ENGINE CASE 3 5/8 SHV BT70-841049.95902.96
45810S&S BILLET OIL PUMP KT B/T 92-99299.99254.99
45811S&S BILLET OIL PUMP KT B/T 73-91294.95253.66
601115S&S T-C A BREATHER 99-0299.9585.96
601116S&S T-C A BREATHER 03-UP99.9585.96



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
17000DLKRN.ENGINE CASE ASSY-STK 70-841039.99909.99
17001DLKRN.ENGINE CASE ASSY-B/B 70-841039.99909.99
17002DLKRN.ENGINE CASE ASSY-STK 84-911069.99934.99
17003DLKRN.ENGINE CASE ASSY-B/B 84-911069.99934.99
17004DLKRN.ENGINE CASE ASSY-STK 92-UP1069.99934.99
17005DLKRN.ENGINE CASE ASSY-B/B 92-UP1069.99934.99
17104DELKRON CASE-B.BMID70-84899.99784.99
17116DELKRON ENGINE CASE.EVO.STK.92-UP899.99784.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
17122S.T.D.ENGINE CASE/ALT 3-5/8BG BOR1159.991014.99
17123S.T.D.ENGINE CASE/GEN.STDRD1069.99934.99
17125STD ENGINE CASE EVO.84-91 (STOCK)999.99879.99
17147STD.EVO.ENGINE CASE 92-UP STK.BOR999.99879.99


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S & S complete engine cases come "set-up" with the cam and sprocket shaft,Timken main bearing races installed and pinion shaft bearing race pressed in and line-honed, ready to fit. This offers a substantial labor savings and eliminates the need and expense of "line boring and honing". Special design features include:

Crankcase assemblies include left and right cases, case bolts, nuts and washers, cylinder mounting studs, timing hole and drain plugs. assorted case fittings. sprocket shaft Timken bearing assembly, drive sprocket spacer and oil seal, pinion shaft main bearing race, cam needle bearing, oil pump drive shaft bushing and installation instructions. Shipped with oil scraper machined for stock diameter flywheels.

S & S Super stock generator style cases maintain the original engine appearance while benefiting from state-of-the art design elements that improve engine performance and reliability. Special design features include:

Delkron Engine Cases for Big Twins
Delkron's cases are computer designed and CNC-machined. The cases are permanent moldcast of '356-T6' aluminum with 1/2"-thick wall sections, have cast-in gray iron inserts and use standard thread fasteners. A removable high performance sump plate permits inspection of the bottom end, and is finned for additional cooling. Permanent mold casting is superior to sand casting providing more exact duplication, closer tolerances, better mold adhesion and precision race insert location. Other design innovations include:

Engine Case Assemblies
The most important components are pre-installed at the factory and are ready to assemble.The right-side pinion race is installed and line-honed to standard size. Includes left-side Timken bearings with races installed. Cases for Evolution® engines include cylinder studs.

Engine Case Accessories

Bare Engine Cases
Fully-machined cases including sump plate and gasket.

Windage Trays
Windage trays reduce crankshaft drag by allowing the flywheel to spin free of oil drag. A scraper removes oil from the flywheel and the baffle keeps the oil below flywheel level. By removing excess oil, the flywheel spins easier resulting in less friction, less heat, and more horsepower. Includes installation instructions and hardware.

Delkron Dry Sump Plate
Permits the option of sucking the oil out of the lower end from the sump, making for less drag on the flywheels. It's made of '356-T6' aluminum and bolts right up to all Delkron crankcases. Includes the gasket, screws and a 3/8" hose fitting. 

Note: Intended for high performance race applications,installation will require other modifications.

Delkron High-Performance Sump Plate
Cast aluminum plate fits all Delkron engine cases and is contoured to follow the shape of the flywheels, and the outer surface has three ribs for additional surface area to increase cooling. A large diameter socket head drain plug is installed for easier servicing. Includes hardware and gasket.

S.T.D.. Engine Cases for Big Twins
Made from 356-T6 aluminum alloy designed to handle flex stress up to 38,000 PSI, and machined on CNC equipment to hold the tight tolerances required. Cases are machined to accept Original Equipment or aftermarket cylinders and are notched for stroker flywheels. They come with a manufacturer's statement of origin, and are greatly improved over previous models that had the left case race inserts cast in. S.T.D. now follows the factory's example and sweats their inserts in with approximately .006" of press.

S.T.D. Alternator/Generator Engine Cases
These cases that have alternator left-side cases and generator right-side cases. They are available for Shovelhead and Evolution®   top ends with stock or 3 5/8" bore barrels, and are notched for stroker flywheels. Permits the engine builder to use alternator electric's with the look of a generator motor. Includes a Manufacturers Statement of Origin.

Cases for Shovelhead Top-Ends
Designed to use 1970 and later lower end components and 1970 thru 1979 oil pumps. 

Cases for Evolution®  Top-Ends
Designed to use 1970 and later lower end components and 1981 thru 1991 oil pumps.

Merch Performance Engine Cases for Big Twins
CNC-machined castings are from 356-T6 heat treated aluminum and reinforced in all critical areas, including the motor mount and lifter block oil feed. Cases incorporate roller burnished crank case sleeves, 1992-up oil filter block holes, and an improved breather system. The breather utilizes oil pressure and a unique passage design to maximize oil system control. Additional features include dual serial numbering on each case half, clearance for cams up to 650"-lift, and stroker flywheels to 5" diameter. Complete with chrome socket head hardware with rolled threads for increased strength and reliability. Available for stock and 3 5/8" bore barrels. Includes a manufacturers statement of origin for registration purposes.

Alternator Cases for Shovelheads


These complete motor case kits from Colony contain all the necessary hardware to bolt together the stock motor case. Available in acorn or stock styles with chrome or cadmium finish.

'Clean Time' Timing Tool
Pushes into the timing hole and lightly brushing the flywheel to keep oil in and make the timing mark more visible.

Timing Hole and Oil Tank Plugs
Clear View Timing Hole Plug
The best see thru timing plug you can buy. For all models. Temporarily remove the stock timing plug and insert this top-quality tool for easy timing.

Colony Oversize Timing Hole Plug with Tap
Kit contains one acorn head plug with oversize threads and a tap for re-threading the stripped out timing hole. 

Colony Chrome Timing Hole Plugs and Oil Tank Plugs
For timing holes and oil tanks with 5/8"-18 threads. 

Colony 'Hex Head' Timing Hole Plug and Oil Tank Plug
For timing holes and oil tanks with 5/8"-18 thread. Also fits the transmission filler hole on all 45" models thru 1940.

Timken Left Crankcase Bearings
For Big Twin Models

Motor Case Bearing Races
American-made races available in standard and .005" oversize. Listed in chronological order.Sold each.

Right Case Races for Big Twins

Right Case Races for Sportster®and K Models

JIMS Left Case Races

Engine Stand for Big Twin
Perfect for engine repair. This bench-mounted stand works with Big Twin engine cases 1936 to present.

Engine Stand for Sportster® Models
Top-quality steel stand for Sportster® crankcases 1957 thru 1985. Makes engine overhaul a breeze.

Stainless Steel Engine Skid Plate
Highly-polished part for 4-speed Big Twin models 1965 thru 1984 (except Evolution® models).

Chrome Center Motor Bolt Cover
This billet chrome cover threads onto the center case bolt on 1990 to present Big Twins to add an additional chrome accent Will not fit with chrome lifter block covers.

Chrome Timing Plug Cover
This CNC-machined cover is a light press-fit into the timing plug on the left side of the engine. It's made from billet aluminum with a raised knurled band on the edge, and is highly polished before being chrome plated. Sold each

Manley Assembly Lube
A molybdenum disulfide lube that provides an excellent coating for break-in of camshaft lobes, tappets, pushrod ends, rocker balls and other engine components.