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Pistons and Rings

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47082PISTON KT.EVO B/T HSTNG.RNG. STD244.99207.49
47083PISTON KT.EVO B/T HSTNG.RNG.+005244.99207.49
47084PISTON KT.EVO B/T HSTNG.RNG.+010244.99207.49
47085PISTON KT.EVO B/T HSTNG.RNG.+020244.99207.49
47086PISTON KT.EVO B/T-HSTNG.RNG.+030244.99207.49
47092PISTON KIT EVO B/T 8.5:1 STD.229.99194.99
47093PISTON KIT EVO B/T 8.5:1 +.010229.99194.99
47094PISTON KIT EVO B/T 8.5:1 +.020229.99194.99
47095PISTON KIT EVO B/T 8.5:1 +.030229.99194.99
47096PISTON KIT EVO B/T 8.5:1 +.040229.99194.99
47097PISTON KT.EVO B/T HSTNG.RNG.+040244.99207.49
47259FRG.PISTON KT 11.5:1 B/T85UP STD244.99207.49
47260FRG.PISTON KT 11.5:1 B/T85UP+005244.99207.49
47261FRG.PISTON KT 11.5:1 B/T85UP+010244.99207.49
47262FRG.PISTON KT 11.5:1 B/T85UP+020244.99207.49
47263FRG.PISTON KT 11.5:1 B/T85UP+030244.99207.49
47411PISTON KT 10.5:1.S/E HDS.B/T+005259.99209.99
47412PISTON KT 10.5:1.S/E HDS.B/T +010259.99209.99
47413PISTON KT 10.5:1.S/E HDS.B/T +020259.99209.99
47418PISTON KTN 95 9:1 COMP. STD TC88359.99303.99
47419PISTON KTN 95 9:1 COMP.+005 TC88359.99303.99
47420PISTON KTN 95 9:1 COMP.+010 TC88359.99303.99
47422PISTON KTN 95 10.5:1 CMP.STD TC88359.99303.99
47423PISTON KTN 95 10.5:1 CMP+005 TC88359.99303.99
47424PISTON KTN 95 10.5:1 CMP+010 TC88359.99303.99
47425PISTON KTN 95 10.5:1 CMP+020 TC88359.99303.99
58900MOLY 3-7/8 STD.RINGS TWINCAM9545.9938.99
58901MOLY3-7/8 +005 RINGS TWINCAM9545.9938.99
58902MOLY3-7/8 +010 RINGS TWINCAM9545.9938.99
58903MOLY3-7/8 +020 RINGS TWINCAM9545.9938.99
58904MOLY3-7/8 +030 RINGS TWINCAM9545.9938.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
47000FORGED PISTON KIT 1000CC X+005189.99159.99
47001FORGED PISTON KIT 1000CC X+010189.99159.99
47002FORGED PISTON KIT 1000CC X+025189.99159.99
47003FORGED PISTON KIT 1000CC X+035189.99159.99
47004FORGED PISTON KIT 1000CC X+045189.99159.99
47005FORG.PISTON KT.1200CC SHO STD189.99159.99
47006FORG.PISTON KT.1200CC SHO +010189.99159.99
47007FORG.PISTON KT.1200CC SHO +020189.99159.99
47008FORG.PISTON KT.1200CC SHO +030189.99159.99
47009FORG.PISTON KT.1200CC SHO +040189.99159.99
47010FORG.PISTON KT.1200CC SHO +050189.99159.99
47011FRG.PISTON KT.1200 TO 1340 +060189.99159.99
47012FORG.PISTON KT.1200CC SHO +080189.99159.99
47018FRG.PISTON KT.1340-SHVL.9.5 STD.209.99177.49
47019FRG.PISTON KT.1340-SHVL/9.5 +010209.99177.49
47020FRG.PISTON KT.1340-SHVL/9.5 +020209.99177.49
47021FRG.PISTON KT.1340-SHVL/9.5 +030209.99177.49
47022FRG.PISTON KT.1340-SHVL/9.5 +040209.99177.49
47030WISECO STD.1000 XL PISTN.RING25.9921.99
47031WISECO+.010 1000 XL PISTN.RING25.9921.99
47032WISECO+.020 1000 XL PISTN.RING25.9921.99
47033WISECO+.030 1000 XL PISTN.RING25.9921.99
47034WISECO+.040 1000 XL PISTN.RING25.9921.99
47035WSCO PSTN RNGS.1200 SHV STD25.9921.99
47036WSCO.PSTN RNGS.1200 SHV +01025.9921.99
47037WSCO PISTON RNGS.1200 SHV +02025.9921.99
47038WISCO PISTON RNGS.1200 SHV +03025.9921.99
47039WISCO PISTON RNGS.1200 SHV +04025.9921.99
47040WISCO PISTON RNGS.1200 SHV +05025.9921.99
47041WISCO PISTON RNGS 1200 SHV +06025.9921.99
47042WISCO PISTON RNGS 1200 SHV +08025.9921.99
47043WISCO PISTON RNGS 1340 SHV +01025.9921.99
47044WISCO PISTON RNGS.1340 SHV +03025.9921.99
47045WISCO PISTON RNGS.1340 SHV +04025.9921.99
47072PISTON KT.9.5:1 883/1200HSTG STD249.99212.49
47073PISTON KT.9.5:1 883/1200HSTG+010249.99212.49
47074PISTON KT.9.5:1 883/1200HSTG+020249.99212.49
47075PISTON KT.9.5:1 883/1200HSTG+030249.99212.49
47078PISTON KT HSTG.9:1 1200XL +.010244.99207.49
47079PISTON KIT 9:1 1200XL +.020244.99207.49
47250FG/PISTON KT883-2-1200XL STD10:1249.99212.49
47251FG/PISTON KT883-2-1200XL+10 10:1249.99212.49
47252FG/PISTON KT883-2-1200XL+20 10:1249.99212.49
47253FRG.PISTON KT 10.5:1 EVO1200 STD244.99207.49
47254FRG.PISTON KT 10.5:1 EVO1200 +10244.99207.49
47255FRG.PISTON KT 10.5:1 EVO1200 +20244.99207.49
47265FRG.PISTON KT 10:1 BUELL94UP STD244.99207.49
47266FRG.PISTON KT 10:1 BUELL94UP+010244.99207.49
47267FRG.PISTON KT 10:1 BUELL94UP+020244.99207.49
47395WISECO 3 3/4 STD RING B/T EVO25.9921.99
47417PISTON KT 10: 3 3/4 X4 5/8 STROKE259.99219.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
16908PISTON-1000CC SPORTSTER-STD.27.9923.49
16909PISTON-1000CC SPORTSTER +.01027.9923.49
16910PISTON-1000CC SPORTSTER +.02027.9923.49
16911PISTON-1000CC SPORTSTER +.03027.9923.49
16912PISTON-1000CC SPORTSTER +.04027.9923.49
16913PISTON-1000CC SPORTSTER +.05027.9923.49
16914PISTON-1000CC SPORTSTER +.06027.9923.49
16915PISTON-1000CC SPORTSTER +.07027.9923.49
16916PISTON-1200CC PAN/SHOVEL-STD.27.9923.49
16917PISTON-1200CC PAN/SHOVEL +.01027.9923.49
16918PISTON-1200CC PAN/SHOVEL +.02027.9923.49
16919PISTON-1200CC PAN/SHOVEL +.03027.9923.49
16920PISTON-1200CC PAN/SHOVEL +.04027.9923.49
16921PISTON-1200CC PAN/SHOVEL +.05027.9923.49
16922PISTON-1200CC PAN/SHOVEL +.06027.9923.49
16923PISTON-1200CC PAN/SHOVEL +.07027.9923.49
16924PISTON-1340CC SHOVELHEAD-STD.27.9923.49
16925PISTON-1340CC SHOVELHEAD +.01027.9923.49
16926PISTON-1340CC SHOVELHEAD +.02027.9923.49
16927PISTON-1340CC SHOVELHEAD +.03027.9923.49
16928PISTON-1340CC SHOVELHEAD +.04027.9923.49
16929PISTON-1340CC EVO B/TWIN-STD.27.9923.49
16930PISTON-1340CC EVO B/TWIN +.00527.9923.49
16931PISTON-1340CC EVO B/TWIN +.01027.9923.49
16932PISTON-1340CC EVO B/TWIN +.02027.9923.49
16933PISTON-1340CC EVO B/TWIN +.03027.9923.49
16941PISTON-1200CC EVO SPORTY-STD.27.9923.49
16942PISTON-1200CC EVO SPORTY +.00527.9923.49
16943PISTON-1200CC EVO SPORTY +.01027.9923.49
16944PISTON-1200CC EVO SPORTY +.02027.9923.49
16945PISTON-1200CC EVO SPORTY +.03027.9923.49
45804F/PSTN 3 5/8 X4 5/8 10:1 BT84-309.95269.66
45855FRG.PISTON KT 3 5/8 BORE +010309.95269.66
45880F/PISTON KT3 5/8 STD B/T 36-84294.95256.61
45881F/PISTON KT3 5/8 +010 B/T 36-84294.95256.61
45882F/PISTON KT3 5/8 +020 B/T 36-84294.95256.61
45883F/PISTON KT3 5/8 +030 B/T 36-84294.95256.61
45884RINGS 3 5/8 STD S&S EVO FRG.PS26.9523.85
45885RINGS 3 5/8 +010 S&S EVO PSTNS26.9523.85
45886RINGS 3 5/8 +020 S&S EVO PSTNS26.9523.85
45887RINGS 3 5/8 +030 S&S EVO PSTNS26.9523.85
49500EVO BT.PISTON KT-3.5 8.5:1 STD299.99254.99
49501EVO BT.PISTON KT-3.5 8.5:1 +005299.99254.99
49502EVO BT.PISTON KT-3.5 8.5:1 +010299.99254.99
49505EVO BT.PISTON KT-3.5 9.5:1 STD314.99267.49
49506EVO BT.PISTON KT-3.5 9.5:1 +005329.99279.99
49507EVO BT.PISTON KT-3.5 9.5:1 +010314.99267.49
49508EVO BT.PISTON KT-3.5 9.5:1 +020329.99279.99
49510EVO BT.PISTON KT-3.5 10:1 STD329.99279.99
49511EVO BT.PISTON KT-3.5 10:1 +.005329.99279.99
49512EVO BT.PISTON KT-3.5 10:1 +.010314.99267.49
49513EVO BT.PISTON KT-3.5 10:1 +.020314.99267.49
49515EVO BT.PISTON KT-3.5 10.5:1 STD329.99279.99
49516EVO BT.PISTON KT-3.5 10.5:1+005314.99267.49
49517EVO BT.PISTON KT-3.5 10.5:1+010329.99279.99
49518EVO BT.PISTON KT-3.5 10.5:1+020329.99279.99
49520EVO883-1200CONV.PISTON 9.5:1 STD314.99267.49
49526FRG.PISTON KT EVO1200XL 9:1 .005299.99254.99
49531FRG.PISTON KT 1200XL 10.5:1 .005329.99279.99
49551SHVLHD.PISTON KT-3.5 9.5:1 +010314.99267.49
49555SHVLHD.PISTON KT-3.5 10.5:1 +005314.99267.49
49573FRG.PISTON KT.B/BORE STD.T/CAM99329.99279.99
49574FRG.PISTON KT.B/BORE+.010T/CAM99329.99279.99
49578FRG.PISTON KT.STK.005 BUELL S1/3314.99267.49
49581FRG.PISTON KT.F/TRCK3.010XL883 86314.99267.49
49584FRG.PISTON KT.3 5/8 +010 9.25C B/314.99267.49
49591FG.PISTON KT.3 5/8X4 5/8+010 9.5C314.99267.49



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
23002HASTING RINGS XL MOLY.01031.9926.99
23004HASTING RINGS XL MOLY.02031.9926.99
23005HASTING RINGS XL MOLY.03031.9926.99
23006HASTING RINGS XL MOLY.04031.9926.99
23007HASTING RINGS XL MOLY.05031.9926.99
23008HASTING RINGS XL MOLY.06031.9926.99
23009HASTING RINGS XL MOLY.07031.9926.99
23010HASTING RINGS 74 MOLY STD32.9927.99
23011HASTING RINGS 74 MOLY.01032.9927.99
23012HASTING RINGS 74 MOLY.02032.9927.99
23013HASTING RINGS 74 MOLY.03032.9927.99
23014HASTING RINGS 74 MOLY.04032.9927.99
23023HASTING RINGS 80 MOLY STD32.9927.99
23024HASTING RINGS 80 MOLY.01032.9927.99
23025HASTING RINGS 80 MOLY.02032.9927.99
23026HASTING RINGS 80 MOLY.03032.9927.99
23031HASTING RINGS XL CAST.01021.9918.49
23032HASTING RINGS XL CAST.02021.9918.49
23033HASTING RINGS XL CAST.03021.9918.49
23034HASTING RINGS XL CAST.04021.9918.49
23035HASTING RINGS XL CAST.05021.9918.49
23036HASTING RINGS XL CAST.06021.9918.49
23037HASTING RINGS XL CAST.07021.9918.49
23038HASTING RINGS 74 CAST STD24.9920.99
23039HASTING RINGS 74 CAST.01024.9920.99
23040HASTING RINGS 74 CAST.02024.9920.99
23041HASTING RINGS 74 CAST.03024.9920.99
23044HASTING RINGS 74 CAST.06024.9920.99
23046HASTING RINGS 80 CAST STD24.9920.99
23047HASTING RINGS 80 CAST.01024.9920.99
23048HASTING RINGS 80 CAST.02024.9920.99
23049HASTING RINGS 80 CAST.03024.9920.99
23080HAST.RINGS MOLY EV883 STD19.9916.99
23081HAST.RINGS MOLY EV883.00519.9916.99
23082HAST.RINGS MOLY EV883.01019.9916.99
23083HAST.RINGS MOLY EV883.02019.9916.99
23085HAST.RINGS MOLY EV883.04019.9916.99
23090HAST.RING MOLY EV1100 STD24.9920.99
23091HAST.RING MOLY EV1100.00521.9918.99
23092HAST.RING MOLY EV1100.01024.9920.99
23100HAST.RINGS MOLY EV80 STD28.9924.49
23101HAST.RINGS MOLY EV80 .00528.9924.49
23102HAST.RINGS MOLY EV80 .01028.9924.49
23103HAST.RINGS MOLY EV80 .02028.9924.49
23104HAST.RINGS MOLY EV80 .03028.9924.49
23110HAST.RINGS CAST EV80 STD24.9920.99
23111HAST.RINGS CAST EV80 .00524.9920.99
23112HAST.RINGS CAST EV80 .01024.9920.99
23113HAST.RINGS CAST EV80 .02024.9920.99
23114HAST.RINGS CAST EV80 .03024.9920.99
58920MOLY 3-3/4 STD.RINGS TWINCAM8838.9932.99
58921MOLY3-3/4 +005 RINGS TWINCAM8838.9932.99
58922MOLY3-3/4 +010 RINGS TWINCAM8838.9932.99
58923MOLY3-3/4 +020 RINGS TWINCAM8838.9932.99
58924MOLY3-3/4 +030 RINGS TWINCAM8845.9938.99


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Wiseco Forged Piston Kits
Forged from high-silicon aluminum alloy for superior strength and dependability. The unique shape permits tight piston-to-wall clearances for quieter operation. When combined with the ring package and CNC-machined anti-detonation grooves, it becomes one of the most technically-advanced pistons available. Kits include a pair of forged pistons, rings, circlips, and wrist pins. Piston kits for Evolution® models are available with either Wiseco XC-style or Hastings X-style rings.

Wiseco XC Ring Package Kits

Wiseco Forged Piston Kits For Sportster®Models 1972 thru 1985

Wiseco Forged Piston Kits For Panheads and Shovelheads Models 1966 thru 1984

Wiseco Forged Piston Kits For Panheads and Shovelheads Models 1966 thru 1984
1340cc 7:1

Wiseco Forged Piston Kits For Panheads and Shovelheads Models 1966 thru 1984
1340cc 9.5:1

Replacement Ring Set For 1340cc Panhead, Shovelhead and 1200cc & 1340cc Evolution Models 1966 to present

Wiseco Forged Piston Kits For Evolution® Models 1984 to Present
1340cc 10:1 These piston kits include Wiseco XC-style piston Rings.

Wiseco Forged Piston Kits For Evolution® Sportster Models 1984 to Present
1200cc 9:1 These piston kits include Wiseco XC-style piston Rings

Wiseco Forged Piston Kits For Evolution® Models 1984 to Present
1340cc 10:1 These piston kits include Hastings X-style piston Rings

Wiseco Forged Piston Kits For Evolution® Models 1984 to Present
1340cc 8.5:1 These piston kits include Hastings X-style piston Rings

Wiseco Forged Piston Kits For Evolution® Sportster Models 1984 to Present
1200cc 9:1
These piston kits include Hastings X-style piston Rings.

Wiseco 3 5/8" Forged Piston Kits For Evolution® Big Twin Models 1984 to Present
1438cc 9.25:1 These piston kits were designed for use with stock stroke rods and flywheels and include Hastings X-style piston Rings, head and base gaskets

Wiseco 3 5/8" Forged Piston Kits For Evolution® Big Twin Models 1984 to Present
1438cc 10:1 These piston kits were designed for use with stock stroke rods and flywheels and include Hastings X-style piston Rings, head and base gaskets

This 1200cc big bore conversion kit for Evolution® 883cc and 1100cc Sportsters® features Wiseco "matched-weight" reverse dome alloy pistons.

Wiseco Forged Piston Kits For Evolution® Sportster Models 1984 to Present
883cc to 1200cc 9.5:1 These piston kits include Wiseco XC-style piston rings.

These 10:1 compression pistons, forged from high silicone aluminum alloy, have ring groves that have been modified to accept stock style Hastings rings. Sold in kits complete with pistons, rings, wrist pins and circlips.

Edelbrock/JE Sportsman 10.5:1 compression pistons are designed to match the unique combustion chamber of Edelbrock Performer and RPM cylinder heads for maximum performance. Each Sportsman piston is forged from certified aerospace aluminum, CNC machined and inspected for trouble free installation without requiring additional balancing. Designed for use with valves up to 1.940" intake and 1.750" exhaust. Sold in pairs with rings, wrist pins and retainers

S & S pistons are designed with maximum piston/engine life and performance in mind. Features include:

Forged pistons for Big Twins 1936-up with stock, longer 3-5/8" Big Bore cylinders, strokes from 3-31/32" (stock 74") to 4-3/4" and 4-5/8" stroke S & S Sidewinders®. Each piston includes rings, wrist pin and wrist pin keepers. Replacement ring sets sold each (one set for one piston).

Premium® Replacement Pistons
These exclusive pistons are made from molds and tooling built to our specifications, and feature a new design cam-shape and taper. The permanent mold die-cast pistons are made from SAE standard 321 aircraft-quality, low-expansion aluminum alloy. Other features include precision-ground skirts and a tin-plated finish to facilitate break-in, as well as an integral strut in the Shovelhead pistons that guard against expansion and distortion. Available in sizes for both early and late Shovelheads and 900cc or l000cc Sportster® models in stock and low compression versions. We also have pistons for most Evolution® motors as well. Sold each.

Custom Chrome® Pistons
These cast aluminum pistons provide a lower-cost alternative to our higher-quality Premium® pistons. They're available in stock compression versions only and come with fitted wrist pins and late-style piston 'E' clips. The pistons for Panhead and Shovelhead Big Twins feature integral steel struts for expansion and distortion control. All pistons will accept our standard replacement Custom Chrome® or Premium® piston rings. Sold each.

Premium Piston Rings
These ring sets are manufactured by Hastings and are the ideal combination of design and materials that work together as a team, delivering full power and lasting oil and blow-by control. All ring faces are pre-lapped for easier seating, and in the moly sets, the compression ring features a moly insert on its barrel face design. The exclusive Flex-Vent oil control ring is the easiest of all designs to install because there are no right sides up or sides down. It can't overlap, can't gouge and can't be installed wrong. The 80-plus shoulders on the die-formed stainless-steel stress relieved spacer-expander exerts uniform pressure on the rails assuring positive oil control, and with its open design affords 200% greater drainage capacity than conventional designs. Even with all these features, Hasting rings are made available by CustomChrome® at a low, affordable cost, resulting in the ideal combination of performance and value.

Preferred by many top engine builders, Teflon wrist pin button style keepers are available in different thicknesses depending on bore size and wrist pin length.Correct end play is .010" to .060". Sold in sets of four.