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010501(10)M/F RCKR ARM SHIMS +.0056.295.04
010515(10)MTR FACT RCKR ARM SHIMS.017.646.17
010518RCKRARM OIL SL ST FL/FXS 66-8486.6
010519SPR RCKR ARM SHIM KT SHVLS 66-20.4916.79
010537(10)MTR FACT RCKR ARM SHIMS .05.294.24
010538(10)MTR FACT RCKR ARM SHIMS .06.495.24
090553(10)ORING RCKR CVR F/ S/HD 66-3.993.14
20083ROCKERARM SHIMS +.007(10)4.794.04
20637ROCKER ARM BUSHING B/T 66-8437.9932.24
20638ROCKER ARM SHAFT B/T 66-8361.9952.49
20639EVO ROCKER SHAFT B/T 84UP&XL8619.9916.49
20958JIMS ROCKER ARM BUSH.EVO 84-UP37.9932.24
26077OILERS-ROCKER PAN 48-6510.999.29
26078ROCKRSHAFT SHOV 17611-66B29.9924.99
26083NUTS-PAN ROCKER ASSY (25)27.9923.99
28026XL ROCKER SHAFT 17435-57B15.9912.99
28027ROCKER ARM SHAFT-EVO-17611-839.598.14
28081ROCKER ARM BSHG 17428-573.993.14
55138BRONZE RCKR ARM BSHGS.BT 69-UP31.9926.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
45690S&S ROLLER ROCKER SET B/T 84UP449.95386.96
45691S&S ROCKER ARM SHAFT SET BT84-30.9526.62
601712S&S FORGED RLLR ROCKER SET449.95386.96
601794S&S ROCKER ARM SHAFT SET 66-8420.4518.1
659635R/T ROLLER ROCKER ARMS SET159.99134.99
659649RPL.BUSHING(8)R/T ROLLR ROCKR42.9936.49



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
20424JIMS ROL.RCKRS STK RAT BT 84UP499.99424.99
20921JIMS R/ROCKRS 1.71 RAT BT 84UP549.99467.49
20922JIMS R/RCKRS.STK RAT B/T 66-84549.99467.49
20960JIMS ROCKER ARM AXLES (4PACK)14.9912.74
20973JIMS ROCKER ARM ROLLERS (4PK)39.9933.99
26054ROCKER ARM EVO OEM 17360-8338.9932.99
26055ROCKER ARM-EVO-OEM 17375-8338.9932.99
26074PH ROCKER ARM #17360-4830.9926.49
26075PH ROCKER ARM #17375-4832.9927.99
26079ROCKER ARM 74 17360-6625.9921.99
26080ROCKER ARM 74 17375-6632.9927.49
26081ROCKER ASSY FRONT 48-6584.9970.49
26082ROCKER ASSY REAR 48-6584.9970.49
28029XL ROCKER ARM #17394-57A46.9938.49
28030XL ROCKER ARM #17395-57A46.9938.49
28031XL ROCKER ARM #17396-57A46.9938.49
28032XL ROCKER ARM #17397-57A46.9938.49


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RevTech Roller Rocker Arms for Evolution® Models
These American-made rocker arms are investment cast from 8620 chrome moly and then normalized to HRC 35. After machining, the pushrod cup is induction-hardened to 58-60 HRC. The replaceable rollers, which are held in place by circlips, are machined from high-quality tool-steel heat-treated to 56-58 HRC. Designed to be used with stock rocker shafts. Set of four.

Crane Roller Rocker Arms
Made from investment cast 4140 alloy steel, these rocker arms feature replaceable roller tips that reduce valve stem-tip wear and galling. Available with traditional bushing or low friction needle bearing fulcrums.
Needle Bearing Fulcrum
Offers the strongest cyclical strength available. Cooler running and reduced valve train friction is obtained by using needle bearings at the fulcrum which is 0-ring sealed and pressure fed engine oil for longevity. Kit includes new shafts, and no machining is required for installation. Sets of 4.

Bushing Fulcrum
Crane's exclusive oil metering system lubricates the bushing for long-lasting performance and reliability. Install on
Original Equipment or equivalent rockershafts. Sets of 4.

Note: Needle bearing rocker arms cannot use OEM shafts due to hardness requirements for the needles. Rocker arms produced before late 1995 use a 'stepped' shaft with a smaller center diameter than the ends. Rocker arms produced after late 1995 are marked with an 'X' and use a 'straight' single-diameter shaft.
Rivera Adjustable Rocker for Evolution® Big Twins
These rocker arms are 'geometrically correct' for use in late-model motors. When adjusted, the angles are 21' for the intakes, 27' for the front exhaust and 22' for the rear exhaust, They have oversized swivel-foot adjusters with ±3° of adjustment and zero side-load to the valve. Investment cast from carbon steel, and heat-treated to 60-62 on the Rockwell scale. Sets of 4.

Jims® roller rocker arms are investment cast from purified 4340 chrome moly steel and heat treated, with JIMS® own proprietary process, to provide a rocker arm that's lighter and much stronger than other rocker arms available today. The stock 1.625 ratio will easily accommodate a .700" lift cam at the valve.
Use of JIMS® rocker shaft for Evolution®, CSI# 01 0948 or equivalent is recommended.
Other design features include:
    ·Special parabolic pushrod cup reduces friction, wear and improves oiling
    ·Bearing grade steel roller tip for smooth operation
    ·660 bronze bushings for the best wear resistance and oil control
    ·20 grams lighter than stock
    ·Stock ratio for cams up to .700" lift
    ·Stock shafts are retained.

Alloy steel rocker arms are reinforced for maximum strength and machined on computer controlled equipment for precision. The live roller tip eliminates performance robbing drag caused by the rub pad of ordinary rocker arms and helps reduces valve stem wear Available with needle bearing or our new bushing fulcrum. Sold in set of 4.

Features full compliment needle bearing fulcrum pivots to reduced reciprocating friction and hardened, centerless ground rocker arm shafts.

Features a premium quality bronze bushing fulcrum for long range performance and increased load carrying capacity. Designed to accept stock shafts (sold separately).

Panhead Rocker Oiler and Nuts
Exact reproductions of Original Equipment intake rocker oiler and the self-locking rocker arm stud nuts.

Rocker Arms for Shovelheads
For generator and alternator models 1966 thru 1984. Sold each.

Panhead Rocker Arms and Assemblies
Quality reproductions of the stock parts for 1948 thru 1965 Panheads.
Rocker Arms Only

JIMS Rockershafts
Precision-ground high-quality rocker shafts replace Original Equipment parts perfectly. Sold each.

Rockershaft for Evolution® Models
American-made, precision-ground and hardened steel shaft that duplicates the Original Equipment part. For all Evolution® motors 1984 to present.

JIMS Rocker Arm Bushings
Replacement bushings made from solid bronze bar stock. for all Big Twins 1966 to present and all Sportster® models 1957 to present. Set of 8.

Replacement rockershafts for Big Twin and Sportster® models. Sold each.

Kibblewhite Bronze Alloy Rocker Arm Bushings
CNC-machined from solid SAE-642 bronze alloy. Set of 8. 

Ram Jett Rocker Adjuster Kit for Shovelhead Motors
Reduces rocker arm clatter and oil leaks from the rocker shaft end plugs. Contains heat-treated pre-loaded spacers and seals to rebuild all four rocker shafts on Shovelheads with either solid or hydraulic lifters. Holds the pushrod end of the rocker arm in constant adjustment with a pre-loaded spring spacer. Eliminates the guesswork of rocker shaft shims and provides a clatter-free rocker arm assembly. Includes four Ram Jett Seals which will completely seal the rocker shaft end plugs against leaks.

A stock style with your choice of colored plastic inserts. Fits Shovelhead models 1966-1984 and XL models 1957-1985. Replaces OEM 7875. Sold in 4 pack.

Colony Knucklehead Look-Alike Rocker Plug Sets
Replacement Nut Set Sold in sets of four. Chrome Rocker Arm Sold in sets of four.

Chrome Rocker Arm Shaft Plug Sets
For the rockershafts on Sportster models 1971 thru 1985 and Big Twin 1971 thru 1984. Set of 4

Rocker Box Stud Kit for Shovelhead Engines
This high-quality American-made kit contains 8 long studs, 2 short studs and 1 motor mount stud. The extra short stud provided replaces one of the long studs on late-model Shovelheads.

Chrome Rocker Oil Lines
Chromed rocker box oil lines for Sportster® models and Shovelheads. Includes complete set of fittings and seals (2 lines).

Rocker Box Oil Line Fittings
Includes chrome fittings and seals for the rocker box oil lines on all Sportster® models and Shovelheads 1957 thru 1985.