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D & D Exhausts

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Part # Description List Price Your Price
5495004FULL SYS 2-2 XHP SLASH CUT569.99484.99
5495005FULL SYS 2-2 XHP STRAIGHT CUT569.99484.99
5495006FULL SYS 2-2 XHP CONE BILLET599.99509.99
5495007FULL SYS 2-2 XHP BACK BILLET599.99509.99
5495008FULL SYS 2-2 XHP SLASH BILLET599.99509.99
5495012FULL SYS 2-2 XHP CONE BILLET599.99509.99
5495013FULL SYS 2-2 XHP BACK BILLET599.99509.99
5495014FULL SYS 2-2 XHP SLASH BILLET599.99509.99
5495020FULL SYS 2-2 SLASH CUT485.99412.99
5495021FULL SYS 2-2 STRAIGHT CUT485.99412.99
5495023FULL SYS 2-2 SLASH CUT485.99412.99
5495024FULL SYS 2-2 STRAIGHT CUT485.99412.99
5495031FULL SYS 2-2 XHP SLASH CUT569.99484.99
5495032FULL SYS 2-2 XHP STRAIGHT CUT569.99484.99
649007D&D 2.2 XHP 04-07XL CHROME649.99552.49
649008POWER PIPE STRAIGHT CUT569.99484.99
649009POWER PIPE SLASH CUT569.99484.99
6490172.2 XHP SLASHCUT659.99559.99
6490182.2 XHP STAIGHT CUT659.99559.99
649501D&D XHP 2INT 2 DYNA 06-UP PIPE659.99559.99

Part # Description List Price Your Price
5495009FULL SYS 2-1 FAT CAT669.99569.99
5495025FULL SYS 2-1 FAT CAT785.99667.99
5495026SLIPON GHOST PIPE299.99254.99
5495028FULL SYS 2-1 BACK CUT759.99644.99
5495033FULL SYS 2-1 FAT CAT699.99594.99
5495060FULL SYS FAT CAT629.99534.99
5495062FULL SYS BOREZILLA829.99704.99
5495111FULL SYS BOREZILLA FLH/FLT 95-929.99789.99
64901207BGR BOARZILLA GHOST PIPE285.99242.99
64901307BGR FATCAT GHOST PIPE285.99242.99
6490152.1 BOARZILLA899.99764.99
649016FAT CAT 04-07 XL644.99547.49
649500D&D FATCAT 2:1 DYNA 06-UP PIPE659.99559.99
649503FULL SYS 2-1 FATCAT 07 FLH/FLT725.99627.99
649504FULL SYS BOARZILLA 07 FLH/FLT929.99789.99
649505FULL SYS V-ROD STD 06799.99679.99
649506D&D 2:1 FATCAT S/TL 87-07684592

Part # Description List Price Your Price
5495000SLIPON 3 1/2IN BACK CUT429.99364.99
5495001SLIPON 3 1/2IN SLANT CUT429.99364.99
5495002SLIPON 3 1/2IN SLASH CUT429.99364.99
5495003SLIPON 3 1/2IN STRAIGHT CUT429.99364.99
5495027SLIPON CHROME 03 VROD544.99462.49
5495029SLIPON 2-2 3 1/2IN BACK CUT429.99364.99
6490192.2 LONG RIDER659.99559.99
649502D&D S/ON STREET ROD/NIGHT ROD529.99449.99

Part # Description List Price Your Price
5495035SLIPON SLASH CUT329.99279.99
5495036SLIPON STRAIGHT CUT329.99279.99
5495037SLIPON SLASH CUT299.99254.99
5495038SLIPON STRAIGHT CUT285.99242.99
5495039SLIPON SLASH CUT285.99242.99
5495040SLIPON STRAIGHT CUT285.99242.99
5495043SLIPON BACK CUT329.99279.99
5495044SLIPON SLASH CUT329.99279.99
5495045SLIPON STRAIGHT CUT329.99279.99
5495046SLIPON SLASH CUT329.99279.99
5495047SLIPON STRAIGHT CUT329.99279.99
5495048SLIPON SLASH CUT285.99242.99
5495049SLIPON STRAIGHT CUT285.99242.99
5495050SLIPON BACK CUT329.99279.99
5495051SLIPON SLASH CUT329.99279.99
5495052SLIPON STRAIGHT CUT329.99279.99
5495070SLIPON STRAIGHT CUT329.99279.99
5495071SLIPON SLASH CUT329.99279.99
649010STRGHT CUT S/O 07-UP FXST349.99297.49
649011SLASH CUT S/O 07-UP FXST349.99297.49

Part # Description List Price Your Price
5495016SLIPON X-1 M-2 S3 S3T399.99339.99
5495017SLIPON REPL MFLER X1 M2 S3/T369.99314.99
5495018FULL SYS POL HP719.99609.99
5495019FULL SYS TI HP669.99569.99
5495022FULL SYS BLAST WITH SHIELDS344.99292.49
5495030SLIPON BLK CERAMIC TWIN CAN644.99547.49

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