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Paughco Exhausts

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Part # Description List Price Your Price
6322802 INTO 1 HEADERS FOR PAN/SHVL185.99157.99
6322813 PC UPSWEEP HEADERS285.99242.99
6322823 PC S PIPE HEADERS F PAN/SHVL185.99157.99
6322833 PC SIDE BY SIDE HEADERS124.99105.49
6322843 PC GOOSENECK HEADERS224.99190.49
632285UPSWEEP HEADER SET239.99202.99
632288MOUNTING BRACKET FOR 63228737.9932.49
632289SLASH CUT UPSWEEP PIPES244.99207.49
632290SLASH CUT UPSWEEP PIPES314.99267.49

Part # Description List Price Your Price
63226931"FISHTAIL EXTENSION91.9977.99
63227031" SLASH CUT EXTENSION85.9972.99
63227131"GOOSENECK EXTENSION85.9972.99
632274DRAG STYLE SHOTGUN PIPES119.99101.99
632275UPSWEEP HEADER SET244.99207.49
6322761-3/4"STAGGERED DUAL EXHAUST119.99101.99
632277HANGER BRACKET FOR 63227635.9930.49
632278SIDE BY SIDE HEAD PIPES124.99105.49
632279STAGGERED DUAL EXHAUST119.99101.99

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