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Rear Fenders

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08680ONE TON HO 2 9 R/FEN-RIGID299.99239.99
08685CURBFEELER R/FENDER 8.5214.99182.49
08686CURBFEELER R/FENDER 9214.99182.49
08694DIABLO REAR FENDER 7.25214.99182.49
13072STEELER 10.5 REAR FENDER S/T244.99207.49
13073SM.OUTLAW 10.5 REAR FENDR S/T244.99207.49
13377RIG.R/FEN8.5 W/FEND SUPP-SANTE159.99134.99
13520ONETONHO 7.5 R/FENDER RIGIDS289.99244.99
13526ONETONHO 8.5 R/FENDER W/RIGIDS289.99244.99
13528STEELER 9 R/FENDER W/TAGFRAME289.99244.99
13785STEELER 7.25 CUSTOM R/FENDER289.99244.99
13786STEELER 8.5 CUSTOM R/FENDER289.99244.99
13788TOMBSTONE 7.25 CUSTOM R/FENDER289.99244.99
13789TOMBSTONE 8.5 CUSTOM R/FENDER289.99244.99
13790TOMBSTONE 9 CUSTOM R/FENDER289.99244.99
13791ROLLER 7.25 CUSTOM R/FENDER289.99244.99
13792ROLLER 8.5 CUSTOM REAR FENDER289.99244.99
13793ROLLER 9 CUSTOM REAR FENDER289.99244.99
16951TWO EIGHT 10.50 REAR FENDER299.99249.99
16955TWO EIGHT 8.5 RIGID R/FENDER259.99219.99
16956TWO EIGHT 9 R/FENDER-RIGID FRM259.99219.99
95160CHROME 9 RIG.R/FEN.SUP.ONE TON HO29.9925.49
951619 RIGID R/FEN.SUP.ONETONHO 235.9930.49



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
06545FATTY RIGID FENDER 10.5529.99449.99
06546FATTY RIGID FENDER 8.5529.99449.99
699880MGS STL FND 11" 180 UNCUT519.99439.99
699881MGS STL FND 11" W 18" C/OUT519.99439.99
699882MGS STL FND 12.5" 180 UNCUT519.99439.99
699883MGS STL FND 12.5" W 18" C/OUT519.99439.99
699884MGS STL FND 15" W 180 UNCUT699.99589.99
699885MGS STL FND 15" W 18" C/OUT699.99589.99
6999009 WIDE DESPERADO R/FENDER219.99184.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
06411SLIM JIM R/FENDER.RIGID 10.50569.99484.99
06413SABERTOOTH R.FEND.8 5/8 DAYTEC599.99509.99
06415SABERTOOTH R.FEND.8 5/8 SANTEE579.99489.99
88171BLANK FENDER 6 F 13 3/8 RAD189.99159.99
88172BLANK FENDER 7.25 R 13 3/8 RAD199.99169.99
88173BLANK FENDER 8.5 R 13 3/8 RAD229.99194.99
88174BLANK FENDER 9 R 13 3/8 RAD242.99206.49
88175BLANK FENDER 10.5 R 13 3/8 RAD257.99218.99
88176BLANK FENDER 11 R 13 3/8 RAD269.99229.99
88177BLANK FENDER 4.75 F 15.75 RAD189.99159.99
88178BLANK FENDER 6 F 15 3/4 RAD189.99159.99
88179BLANK FENDER 7.25 R 15 3/4 RAD199.99169.99
88180BLANK FENDER 8.5 R 15 3/4 RAD229.99194.99
88181BLANK FENDER 9 R 15 3/4 RAD242.99206.49
88182BLANK FENDER 10.5 R 15 3/4 RAD257.99218.99
88183BLANK FENDER 11 R 15 3/4 RAD269.99229.99
88184BNK FEND 7.25 R 28 DIA SM199.99169.99
88185BNK FEND 8.5 R 28 DIA SM229.99194.99
88186BNK FEND 9 R 28 DIA SM242.99206.49
88187BNK FEND 10.5 R 28 DIA SM257.99218.99
88188BNK FEND 11 R 28 DIA SM269.99229.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
88314CCE UNIV FENDER 270MM/SHORT129.39106.69
88328CCE UNIV FEND MNT BRKT 270/28057.6947.59



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
86660ZCB RAW CSTM F/FEN FL 16 LOPRO369.99314.99
86662ZCB CSTM F/FEN FL 17 LOPRO369.99314.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
13178FENDER FAT BOB LEFT-CUT69.9956.99
13188QUICKBOB RR FENDRFX73-8579.9967.49
13206FAT BOB REAR FENDER S/TAIL 84-82.9970.49
13208FENDR KT.FATBOB STYLE XL 82-93135.99115.49
13209FATBOB RR FENDER KT XL S 94-UP135.99115.49
13250FATBOB FENDER KIT FXR 82-UP199.99169.99
13253BOBBED S/TAIL RR FNDR-W/T-LITE114.9997.49
13254R/FENDER W/REVEAL-W/O LITE S/T99.9984.99
15739RAW REAR FENDER FXST 97-UP129.99104.99
19651FENDER XL REAR BOBBED98.9982.49
26434LIC/BRACKT WDGLIDE80 -BLK37.9931.49



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
13186FENDER 74&80 FL S REAR129.99104.99
13189REAR FENDER FL ONE-PIECE114.9997.49
13211R/FENDER- SMOOTH W/O LITE S/T114.9997.49
13212REAR FNDR-FL 1PC. W/73 T/LBRKT129.99109.99
13214FL HINGE FNDR-W/73-UP T/LT MT.149.99124.99
132481PC FLH REAR FENDER FXR 82-UP139.99118.49
13249FLH 1PC REAR FNDR W/MT FXR82UP139.99118.49
240425REAR FENDER FXR 82-UP(NO FXRT59.9949.99
240469VINTAGE STY R/ FNDR W/O LGHT M85.9972.99
25931FENDER FX REAR W/LITE MT57.9948.99
25932FENDER FX REAR W/O LITE57.9948.99
25933FENDER FX REAR BOBBED57.9948.99
78345RR FENDR W/ T/LT MT FLST 86-9681.9969.49
78347RR FENDER 1 PC SOFTAIL 1984-9681.9969.49



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
13187FENDR-RIGD REAR36-48/74144.99122.49
13191FENDER-3PC.REAR FOR HD45144.99122.49
2409505 in RIBBED REAR FENDER185.99157.99
2409516 in RIBBED REAR FENDER199.99169.99
2409527.5 in RIBBED REAR FENDER229.99194.99
26524FENDER-RIGID REAR 49-57139.99112.99
632008RIGID FRAME FENDER STRUT139.99118.99
632502RIBBED POL ALUM FENDER 5-3/4"W174.99147.49
632503RIBBED POL ALUM FENDER 4-3/4"W174.99147.49
632504RIBBED POL ALUM FENDER 4-3/4"W174.99147.49



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
12457FENDER 5 FLAT-PLAIN31.9927.49
12459FENDER 6 FLAT-PLAIN35.9930.49
95073RAW 7.5 WIDE FLAT FENDER32.9926.99
95074RAW 8.5 WIDE FLAT FENDER35.9929.49
95075RAW 9 WIDE FLAT FENDER39.9932.49


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Custom Rear Fenders by Jesse James
Wide to super-wide steel rear fenders are designed for custom applications. Hand-formed and precision welded, be sure to check installation and fit before painting.

Custom Steel Rear Fenders for Wide Chassis
Get the right look for the style of that wide Softail-style chassis with 8 1/2"-wide steel rear fenders. Pre-drilled for fender strut attachment. A great choice for Santee™ Low Glide custom™ or Daytec Street Scene frames.

9"-Wide Rear Fenders for Rigid Frames by 'Jesse James'
Designed specifically for wide rigid frames. Fenders feature internal wiring loom and belt cutout. Available with built-in fender support drilled for turn signals or without for custom sissy bar/fender support.

Loboy™ Bobbed Rear Fenders
Stylish bobbed rear fender has no recessed areas for reflector inserts, making it easy to position and close the gap over the rear tire.

Custom Fat Bob Rear Fenders
Original style universal and custom application fenders. Available with left or right-hand chain cutaway and with or without taillight mount. Fenders measure approximately 38"-long, 7"-wide and 5 1/2"-deep. We recommend using CCI #19-762 Cateye taillights with #13-181 and #13-180 fenders. All fenders are unpainted.

Fits all Big Twin models and bikes with the chain on the left side.

Hand-laminated fiberglass rear fenders are a full 8" or super-wide 9" to fit custom frames or widened stock frames and cover those really big rear tires. They come in ready-to-paint gel-coat finishes. Fenders include a conduit attached underneath for running taillight and license light wiring.

Rear Fenders
Milwaukee Iron has followed its tradition of innovation with the 'Bandit' series of fenders frenched around the fender struts for a smooth look. Long or short fenders in several widths to accommodate custom fabrication and custom frames or widened rear frame sections.
Contoured for stock-style struts on models from 1984 to present.

Custom Rear Fenders By Milwaukee Iron
Unique hand-crafted steel designs feature laser-cut panels and careful TIG welding for a flawless seam.
Fenders are 7"-wide to fit between stock fender struts,

Ness Taildragger Fenders
These fiberglass fenders are trimmed to fit Softail® and FXR models for easy installation. Combine with custom fender struts, wheels and drivetrain components, the wide fenders facilitate mounting those super-wide rear tires that are all the rage.

Ness® 'Raceway' Fenders
This innovative rear fender is perfect for a custom high-performance look, it's made of heavy-duty fiberglass and comes in 7"-wide version for most stock applications, as well as 8 1/2" for radical wide tires with custom fender struts on Softail® models.

Ness Legacy Rear Fenders
Legacy fiberglass fenders are a redesign of the stock rear fender fitted to Heritage Softail
models. They are 4" Longer at the rear and have wider skirting for a solid full look. The 81/2"-wide fender requires custom fender struts. Matching front fender carries the Legacy look to Wide Glide

Strutless Custom Fenders for Softail Models
Milwaukee Iron has moved custom rear design out of the fabrication shop into the Custom Chrome® catalog with fenders that
have beefy, built-in supports replacing traditional fender struts. Heavy-gauge, steel supports are blended into fender for a great illusion. All require removal of frame horns to which struts normally attach.

Wide Tire Rear Fender Kit for Softaii® Models by Corbin
Bolts to stock frame but has plenty of room to accept tires as wide as 180-series. Includes a replica of a '39 Ford taillight assembly and all mounting hardware. Black gel-coat finish is ready to paint. (saddlebags not included).

Molded Saddlebags for Softail® Models
Designed by Corbin and made of light, strong 'Fiber Tek' material. Each set includes right and left bags complete with doors, locks, and all mounting hardware. Black gel-coat finish is ready to paint.

Doss 'Lowboy' Rear Fender Kit for Softail Models
Gives your bike a low, wide look in a shorter length than popular tail-dragger fender (CCI #13-266). It has molded recesses for a 'Cateye' taillight and die-cast license plate bracket are included in the kit. It's made from hand-laid fiberglass with black gel-coat finish that's ready for custom paint, and is without pre-drilled mounting holes permitting a custom fit to each bike.

Doss Fiberglass Rear Fender for Softail Models
Manufactured with hand-laid fiberglass and finished in a black gel-coat that's ready for painting. Looks great when teamed up with its matching front fender (CCI #13-265) that fits Heritage Softail® and Fat Boy® models. The two recessed areas will accept a Cateye taillight and most standard license plates that measure 7"-wide x 4"-tall. It comes unpainted and requires mounting holes to be drilled.

Phantom Rear Body Kit for Softail® Models by Pro-One
Step away from ordinary with the distinctive Phantom rear body kit that sets a new standard for custom Softall® bikes. Contemporary Euro look unit comes complete with mounting hardware and a seat base ready for custom upholstery. Available with or without polished Pro-One billet taillight.

Replacement Rear Fenders for Softail® Models
An exact duplicate of the Original Equipment fender fitted to Heritage Softail® models. Features turn signal mounting holes already located and includes the taillight mount and fender reveal. It's ready to use as an Original Equipment replacement item or for FXSTS converting to full one-piece fenders. Also available in a smooth version with only fender strut holes in it when custom taillights are desired.

Rear Fender Extension for Softail® Models
Improves the overall appearance of this area on the bike. It is made in the U.S.A. from black, paintable high-impact A.B.S. plastic, and when painted to match the fender and properly installed, this fender extension gives the appearance of the fuller and rounder long fenders used on rigid framed Big Twins.

Custom Rear Fenders for Softail Models
These steel fenders are sold exclusively by Custom Chrome, and have an early-style 'reveal' stamped in the rear tips. Installation requires the removal of 5" from the struts. Two decorative end caps are supplied to finish off the shortened struts. Fit all 5-speed Softail® models from 1986 to present.

Hinged Rear Fenders for Softail® Models
'Dresser'-style rear fenders with hinges that fit the Original Equipment struts of all Softail® models from 1984 to present. One version is smooth with no taillight mount permitting the use of a variety of taillights and the other has the 1973-up mount. These fenders are a good choice when customizing your FXST with a 'Heritage Conversion Kit'.

Fat Bob Rear Fenders for FXWG and Softail® Models
Exact duplicates of the Original Equipment pieces. They have all of the wire loom clips and necessary strut mounting holes. Both fenders accept stock taillight assemblies as well as our custom 'Cateye' and 'Lucas' taillights and brackets which are listed below. CCI #13-206 is perfectly suited for crash repairs or converting from the full fenders on Heritage Softail models.

Dresser-Style Fenders for Dyna Wide Gilide® Models
Exclusive Custom Chrome® design combines a steel fender with an ABS front fend extension. Available in a smooth version without turn signal or taillight mounts, or with the mounting bracket for taillights used since 1973 with dimples and holes for turn signals an rear fender tip trim. Kits include fender, plastic extension and rivets.

Fat Bob Rear Fender Kit for FXR Models
Fits all FXR models from 1982 thru 1986 and 1987 thru 1992 FXRTS. The Fat Bob rear fender is combined with our smooth, chromed steel fender struts that not only improve styling but provide improved fender support over the Original Equipment parts. Uses CCI taillight kits with Fat Bob mounts, or the stock (OEM 59993-80) taillight bracket. This kit and its components are not compatible with Original Equipment or aftermarket sissy bars.

Flip Rear Fender Kit for FXR Models
Flip-up fender fits all FXR models from 1982 thru 1986, and 1987 thru 1992 FXRTS. It's combined with specially-designed chrome struts to smooth the styling and provide improved support. The fender and struts are sold as a kit and are not compatible with Original Equipment or aftermarket sissy bars.

One Piece Rear Fenders for FL Models
Accurate reproductions of the one-piece rear fenders on 4-speed FL models from 1980 thru 1984. One version on is smooth with no taillight or turn signal mounts permitting the use of a variety of taillights, and the other has the 1973-up taillight mount (but no turn signal mounts). Fender strut mounting holes are already drilled.

Sport Bob Rear Fender Kits for Sportster Models
These exclusive fender kits include a new ABS plastic fender extension for the front of the fender, a Cateye taillight assembly with mounting bracket and the extra pop rivets necessary to reinstall your circuit breaker clips. They looks great when combined with the CCI #25-576 one-piece Sport Bob gas tanks found in the Gas Tanks section.

C.C. Glider™ Slipover Fender Shell for Sportster® Models
Easy to install fender cover is made from high-quality impact resistant A.B.S. plastic, these fender shells slip over the existing stock metal fenders like a second skin, giving all 1982-up Sportster® models that classic full-fender big bike look. Just paint it to match, remove your taillight, seat and fender struts, slip into place and reassemble. When combined with our Sport Bob one-piece gas tank (CCI #25-576) and a skirted front fender (CCI #13-196), your bike can be transformed into a whole new machine.

Rear Fenders for Early Sportster® Models
Steel rear fenders with stock mounting holes in the sides for Sportster® models from 1959 thru 1978. Available with or without taillight hole. We also have a shortened 'Bobbed' fender. Both styles look very good with either CCI #19-644 'Tombstone' or CCI #26-357 'Beehive' style taillights.