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Tanks for Sportsters

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Part # Description List Price Your Price
15650XL TANK 3.25-FLUSH L/CAP-82-94229.99189.99
15664SPORT TNK KING STYLE XL 82-94185.99157.99
15665SPORT TNK KING STYLE XL 95-UP185.99157.99
15794KING TANK A/C CAP 95-UP SPORT269.99229.99
19639G/TANK XL HIGH TUNL KING129.99104.99
255733.25GAL SCREWTOP RBR MT82-94XL242.99206.49
25574G/TANK-XL KING-79-81 3.1 GAL121.99103.49

Part # Description List Price Your Price
15655XL SP/BOB TANK-W/O DASH-L/CAPS289.99244.99
25422REAR TANK MOUNTS-CCI 25576/8012.9910.99
25578REAR TANK MTS-25575/6 XL TANKS8.397.14
25586SPORTBOB TANK KIT 82-94XL385.99327.99

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