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Part # Description List Price Your Price
110371S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL46.9939.99
110372S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL +849.9942.49
110373S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL47.9940.49
110374S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL54.9946.49
110375S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL54.9946.49
110376S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL46.9939.99
110377S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL46.9939.99
110378S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL +849.9942.49
110379***S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL54.9946.49
110380S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL +858.9949.99
110381S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL54.9946.49
110382S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL47.9940.49
110383S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL46.9939.99

Part # Description List Price Your Price
110384S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL55.9947.49
110385S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL55.9947.49
110386S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL55.9947.49
110387S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL55.9947.49
110388S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL47.9940.49
110389S/S BRD BARNETT CLUTCH CBL51.9943.99
14947CLUTCH CBL STD FXSTSB 1995-9643.9937.24

Part # Description List Price Your Price
12715CABLE-CLUTCH XL71-E84 STD-BLK17.9914.99
12716CABLE-CLUTCH XL71-E84 +6 -BLK17.9914.99
12717CABLE-CLUTCH XL1952-70STD BLK17.9914.99
12718CABLE-CLUTCH XL1952-70+6 BLK17.9914.99
13918CABLE CLUTCH XLX 83-8515.9913.49
13934CABLE-CL.TERMINATOR XL71-E84+628.9924.49
13935TERMINATOR CLUT.CABL.XL 71-7728.9924.49
13937TERMINATOR CL.CABLE. XL 86-9728.9924.49
13954CLUTCH CABLE(38621-86A)XL HUGR28.9924.49
14818TERM.CLUTCH CABLE(38620-96)STD27.9922.99
41615CLR S/S CLUTCH CBL (38619-86A)44.9936.99
41618CLR S/S CLUTCH CBL (38601-89)44.9936.99
41620CLR S/S CLUTCH CBL (38621-86A)44.9936.99
41621CLR S/S CLUT CBL +6 (38601-89)49.9940.99
41661CLR S/S CLT.CBL+4.5(38619-86A)44.9936.99
640001MOTION PRO CLUTCH CBL XL883 0427.9922.99
685014VYL CLCH CBL BUELL M2 S1 X1 S329.9925.49
685017A/C CLCH CBL BUELL M2 P3 X1 S341.9935.49

Part # Description List Price Your Price
12699TERMINATR.CLUTCH CABL.38618-6827.9923.49
12711CABLE-CL FL52-67 STD-BLK17.9914.99
12712CABLE-CL FL52-67+6 BLACK17.9914.99
12713CABLE-CL 4SPD68-86STD-BLK17.9914.99
12714CABLE-CL 4SPD68-86+6 -BLK17.9914.99
13922TERMINATOR CL.CABLE-(38602-92)29.9925.49
13939TERMINATR.CLUTCH CABL.FL 52-6727.9922.99
14672CLUTCH CABLE(38618-68B) +416.9913.99
14699CLUTCH CABLE(38618-68) +12 LNG15.9913.49
14703TERM.CLUTCH.CAB(38601-89) +832.9926.99
14724CLUTCH CABLE(38601-89) +12 LNG26.9921.99
14793TERM.CLUTCH CAB.(38601-89)+1232.9926.99
14825TERM.CLUTCH CABLE(38602-96)+1029.9925.49
41600CLR S/S CLUTCH CBL (38618-68B)44.9936.99
41601CLR S/S CLU.CBL +6 38618-68B44.9936.99
41609CLR S/S CLUTCH CBL (38599-83A)44.9936.99
41647CLR S/S CLT.CBL +12(38607-87A)44.9936.99
41719TERM.CLUTCH CABL FXSTB 2000-0127.9922.99
670020ROAD KING CLUTCH CABLE41.9935.49
670021FLHT CLUTCH CABLE41.9935.49
670022FLST CLUTCH CABLE41.9935.49

Part # Description List Price Your Price
13941TERMINTR.CL.CABL.FXR82 FLT80-228.9924.49
41720TERM.CLUTCH CABL FL/FXD/FXST 0032.9926.99

Part # Description List Price Your Price
12719CABLE-CLUTCH FLT80-82 STD-BLK17.9914.99
12720CABLE-CLUTCH FLT 80-82 +6 -BLK17.9914.99
13925CABLE-CLUTCH FXRS 87-90+629.9925.49
13928CABLE-CLUTCH FXLR 87-89+629.9925.49
13943TERMINTOR CLUTCH.CABL.FXLR87-9429.9925.49
13945TERMINATOR CL.CABLE FXR 87-9429.9925.49
13946TERMNTR.CL.CABLE FXRS-SP 87-9328.9924.49
13956CABLE-CLUTCH-BLK.36753-87A STK27.9923.49
41616CLR S/S CLUTCH CBL (36755-87A)44.9936.99
41617CLR S/S CLUTCH CBL (36753-87A)44.9936.99
41619CLR S/S CLUTCH CBL (38606-87A)44.9936.99

Part # Description List Price Your Price
13947CABLE-CLUTCH FXST 198628.9924.49
640004MOTION PRO CLUTCH CBL FXST 9927.9922.99

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