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Part # Description List Price Your Price
24580ANDREWS SPROCKET 34TH T/CAM99-82.9970.49
2458617TH CAM SPRKT.FITS T/CAM ENG.52.9944.99
24596SPLND CAM SPRKT KT T/C 2000-UP82.9970.49
45611S&S 600 CAM. 4 BORE EVO MOTRS174.95150.46
45617S&S 520 CAMSHAFT .520 EVO B/T174.95150.46
45794S&S 563 CAMSHAFT.560 B/T 84-99174.95150.46
45796S&S 561 CAMSHAFT.560 B/T 84-99174.95150.46
601776S&S 510V CAMSHAFT .510 EVO BT174.95150.46
601777S&S 675V CAMSHAFT .675 EVO BT179.99150.99

Part # Description List Price Your Price
23899ANDREWS EV23 CAMSHAFT B/T 84UP149.99127.49
23906ANDREWS EV81 CAMSHAFT B/T 84UP335.99285.49
23907ANDREWS EV84 CAMSHAFT B/T 84UP335.99285.49
23908ANDREWS EV88 CAMSHAFT B/T 84UP335.99285.49
23909ANDREWS EV38 CAMSHAFT EVO B/T144.99122.49
24192ANDREWS CAM EV79 GRIND179.99144.99
24220EV13CAM-ANDREWS-EV80 84UP159.99134.99
24257EV3CAM-ANDREWS-EV 80 84UP149.99127.49
24258EV5CAM-ANDREWS-EV 80 84UP149.99127.49
24307EV27 CAM-ANDREWS-EVO.B/T 84-96159.99132.49
24308EV59 CAM-ANDREWS-EVO.B/T 84-UP159.99132.49
24309EV72 CAM-ANDREWS-EVO B/T 84-UP159.99132.49
24319ANDREWS CAM EV51 1984-PRESENT159.99132.49
24320ANDREWS CAM EV46 GRIND159.99132.49

Part # Description List Price Your Price
24037CAM FIREBALL 300-2 84-UP EVO185.99157.99
24122CAM-CRANE HYDRAULIC EVO.490LIFT249.99209.99
24123CAM-CRANE HYDRAULIC EVO.500LIFT249.99209.99
24124CAM-CRANE HYDRAULIC EVO.510LIFT249.99209.99
24125CAM-CRANE HYDRAULIC EVO.550LIFT249.99209.99
24316CAM-FIREBALL 316-2 84-UP EVO179.99152.49
24318CAM FIREBALL 310-2 EVO BIT84UP179.99152.49
24515CAM-CRANE HYDRAULIC EVO. 600 LIFT249.99209.99
24516CAM-CRANE HYDRAULIC EVO. 580 LIFT249.99209.99
24517CAM-CRANE HYDRAULIC EVO. 600 HI-COMP249.99209.99
24640CRANE F/BALL 300-2B CAM-NOGEAR125.99106.99
24641CRANE F/BALL 310-2 CAM-NO GEAR125.99106.99
24642CRANE F/BALL 316-2B CAM-NOGEAR125.99106.99

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RevTechl cams are now legal for use in all 50 States (except the popular 'RevTech 40' which powered the RevTechg bike to a convincing win in the Horsepower Shootout held at Sturgis in 1992)! These cams were developed alongside a wide range of performance products available from Custom

In tests of a stock, 49-state 1990 FXR conducted on our DynoJet dynomometer, when the 'RevTech" 30' cam was combined with a RevTechO carburetor kit and a chrome SuperTrapp 2-into-1 exhaust system, a horsepower increase of 42.3% and a torque increase of 30.3% were realized. Horsepower at the rear wheel was increased from 52 @ 4400 RPM to 74 @ 4800 RPM! When a 'RevTechO 40' cam was substituted and these components were installed in conjunction with our RevTechl high-performance cylinder heads and ignition, this figure was raised to 92 horsepower.

These fixed-gear cams features a unique 'dual pattern' exhaust and intake lobe design that permits the tailoring of each lobe to the specific needs of the intake and exhaust tracts, and is certified to be accurately degreed insuring proper centerline, lift and duration.

The ideal cam for heavier touring bikes such as FLT, FLHT, FLHS or FXRT models. Delivers increased power from 1500-4500 RPM, with the most dramatic increase in the low to mid-range. It was designed for long-haul highway cruising, and more than makes up for the increased weight of passengers and accessories.

Packs more all-around power from 2000-6000 RPM than the RevTecho 05, but concentrates the largest increases into the middle and upper RPM ranges. Perfect for 'strong street performance' for lighter Big Twins such as the FXRS, FXLR and all of the Softail* models.

Emphasis on the upper RPM range, while still retaining a strong mid-range. Makes good power from 2500-6500 RPM. Created for use in modified motors when combined with performance carburetors and exhaust systems to provide a dramatic increase in power. Doesn't require head work or machining, but works extremely well with RevTechl high-performance cylinder heads. 58-210 RevTech 20 cam (E.O. #D-368-3)

The best choice for 'strong street performance' in lighter Big Twins like the FXR, Dyna Glide" and Softail" models which also have performance carburetors and exhaust systems installed, Packs more all-around power than the RevTeche 20, but produces the largest increases in the middle and upper RPM ranges. Requires the springs to be set at .560" minimum. 58-215 RevTech 30 cam (E.O. #D-368-3)

The strongest RevTech cam. Works best between 2800 and 6500 RPM with an emphasis on the upper RPM range, while still retaining strong mid-range power. Created for use in modified motors when combined with performance ignition, carburetor, exhaust system and head work and is especially well-suited for use with our RevTechO high-performance cylinder heads. Requires the springs to be set at .590" minimum.

A high-lift drag cam for 100"+ motors with compression ratios of at least 10.5:1. Provides a wide torque band in motorsthat have headwork. This cam is capable of 6500+ RPM, but requires hi-lift valve springs and collars (CC[ #24-198, #24-199).

Combination grind for lighter bikes with great mid and upper end power to 6500 RPM. Timing on this cam will also reduce oil temperature during hot weather. Must set spring travel to .560' minimum. 24-221 Andrews EV35 cam

Andrews 'EV46'

A bolt-in cam with fast open and close ramps in a grind similar to the EV3, but produces hiqhe'r static compression pressure permitting 6000+ RPM with stock heads and hydraulic lifters.

24-320 Andrews EV46 cam

Andrews 'EV5'

For engines that have been mildly stroked or had head work done. Stock hydraulics are recommended with stock spring travel set to .560" minimum. Makes excellent power from 2500-6500 RPM. 24-258 Andrews EV5 cam


Now, you can get a dyno-matched camshaft for your Edelbrock-equipped Harley" that delivers proven performance. Edelbrock engineering test produced a 76%* horsepower increase over stock with a "Total Power Package" consisting of Performer-Plus cam, Performer RPM heads and Owiksilver carburetor.

@Crane 'Hi-Roller' Cams for Evolution' Big Twin Models The power of an Evolution' Big Twin engine can be very dramatic when a good performance cam is installed. Stock hydraulic lifters are capable of 6000+ RPM with stock springs and no valve float. Crane's cam grinds have adjustable cam gears

A hydraulic cam designed for engines with increased compression and/or more cubic inches. The ideal choice for engines with head work, performance carburetors and exhaust. Performance springs required to accommodate the increased lift. 24-125 Hi-Roller cam with standard gear 24-543 Hi-Roller cam with lightweight gear

24-517 Hi-Roller cam with standard gear

FireBall grind cams are for all Evolution* Big Twin models 1984 to present. These are bolt-in performance cams that deliver streetable performance even in a stock engine. The FireBall cams do not have the multi-index feature which makes them a lower cost alternative to Crane's adjustable 'HiRoller' cams. Available with or without gear.

The ultimate in power on the street or in competition. Power-proven and backed by hundreds of hours of bike and dyno testing, these cams provide added punch at all levels of performance for Evolution' and Shovelhead motors. Made from SAE 6150 bearing-

Note: Late 1984-early 1986 Evolution' engines require their pistons to be notched to obtain the necessary valve-to-piston clearance. With all Sifton cams it is recommended that you check valve spring spacing, free travel, and ignition drive gear clearance.