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Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
17118PAN-SHOVEL CYLINDER HEADS1259.991099.99
36012HEADBOLT KT PAN&SHL 48UP31.9926.99
36192HD BOLT.KT.12PT.GD8 BBORE34.9929.49
36277BGBORE HEADBOLTS-CHR48-8443.9936.49
45900S&S SHOVELHEADS STK.BORE O-RNG1199.951061.96
45901S&S SHOV.HDS 3 5/8 BORE O-RNG1199.951061.96
45902S&S SHOVELHEADS STK.BORE-BAND1199.951061.96
45903S&S SHOV.HDS 3 5/8 BORE-BAND1199.951061.96
55137CYLINDER DOWELS EVO B/T 84UP11.999.99
59655HEADBOLT(16480-92)B/T & XL 92-4.493.74
59657CHROME EVO OUTER HEADBOLT16480-925.994.99
601726S&S S/STOCK HEAD KIT 84-99 NAT894.95792.03
75400HEADBOLT INNER (16478-85A) EVO3.993.24
75401HEADBOLTS B/T 1986-UP (PACK 8)21.9918.49
85078S&S SHOV. HEAD KT 3 5/8 DUAL P1229.991044.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
01018712MM COMPRESSION RELEASE SET214.99182.49
36107REPL.CYL.STUDS(8)EVO XL 1986UP62.9953.49
36142BG BORE CYL.BASE NUTS-CHR25.9921.99
36143BG BORE CYL.BASE NUTS-BLK22.9919.49
36144CYL.BASE NUTS-BG.TWN36-7716.9913.99
36193CYL.BASE STUD SET-B/T 1930-7725.9921.99
36194CYL.BASE STUD SET-SHOV.1978-8425.9921.99
36196CYL.BASE WASHERS-CHROME SHOV78-8419.9916.49
36197CYL.BASE WASHERS-BLK.SHOV78-8412.9910.99
55135CYLINDER STUDS EVO B/T 84UP(8)71.9960.99
55136CYLINDER STUDS EVO XL 84UP (8)71.9960.99
699981SPYKE B/ON COMP REL SHOVEL364.99309.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
011136(4)HD BOLT CVRS B/TW & X/L19.9916.99


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Rev Tech® High-Performance Kits for Evolution Big Twin Models
These kits fit FXR models (except FXRT and FXRD) 1984 through 1992, and include all of the Rev Tech® high-performance parts described on this page.  The complete kit is the same as the one installed on our Rev Tech® motorcycle which won the Dyno shoot out at Sturgis in 1992 and Daytona in 1993.  When installed on a stock 80 cubic inch motor, this kit is capable of producing at least 90 horsepower.

Note: Optimum performance of the Rev Tech kit is highly dependent on the use of attached components.  Any deviation from these carefully selected and designed components will likely result in reduced performance.

Rev Tech® 4-Plug High-Compression Cylinder Heads
Completely American made and cast from '356' aircraft quality aluminum, and then heat-treated to 'T6.'  The intake ports have been reshaped and raised .100" using "D-shape" technology to increase flow and all ports and combustion chambers have been hand-polished.  The combustion chambers have been cast and machined into semi-bathtub shapes that are more turbulent and thermally-efficient than stock chambers.  These high compression heads have a compression ratio of approximately 10:1 (stock bore and stroke and stock pistons with valve-relief pockets).   The valves, valve seats and spring components are high-performance automotive-quality parts.  The one piece stainless steel valves have nitrided stems, hardened tips and swirl polished heads.  The 1.940 diameter intake valves permit the cylinders to fill with air more efficiently, creating large increases in torque and horsepower.  The tulip-shaped exhaust valves have stock 1.610 diameter heads and the special heat-treated nickel-content valve seats are compatible with all types of fuels.  The 3-piece valve springs feature flat wound damper springs to eliminate spring surge and will work with cams up to 600" lift.
Rev Tech® 'Accelerator 2' Carburetor
The carb is pre-jetted and ready to bolt-on, and the new shortened Rev Tech® manifold brings the carb 7/8" closer toward the motor.  Like the cylinder heads, this shorter manifold improvise the air flow.  The carb is also equipped with a new enrichener lever that is easier to reach and we've even included a Pingel® Power-Flo™ petcock to keep the oversized float bowl filled to its optimum level.
Rev Tech® '40' Cam
This is the strongest of the Rev Tech® cams, and it works best between 2800 and 6500 RPM with an emphasis on the upper RPM range, while still retaining strong mid-range power.   Created for use in modified motors when combined with performance ignition, carburetor, exhaust system and headwork and is especially well suited for use with our Rev Tech® high performance cylinder heads.  This fixed gear cam features a unique "dual pattern" exhaust and intake lobe design that permits the tailoring of each lobe to the specific needs of the intake and exhaust tracts.

Rev Tech® Adjustable Tapered Pushrods
These American-made adjustable pushrods are the same as the ones installed in our Rev Tech® FXR that makes 92 horsepower at the rear wheel.  Constructed form tapered aluminum tubing with chromemoly adjusters, they are the perfect choice for use with our Rev Tech® '40' cam.
Rev Tech® / SuperTrapp Chrome 2-into-1 Exhaust System
This exhaust system packs more horsepower with less weight, and provides both wave and outlet anti-reversionary tuning capabilities that boost power over the entire RPM range.   This unique Rev Tech® SuperTrapp pipe design features an adjustable disc system at the exhaust tip.  Adding discs increases the size of the exhaust opening and reduces back pressure; decreasing the number of discs reduces the exhaust gas outlet and decreases noise.  This ability to add or remove discs enables the rider to wave tune the exhaust for maximum power.
Rev Tech® Electronic Single-Fire Ignition System
This ignition system is a high energy inductive storage system that replaces the Original Equipment electronic ignition.  It's Hall cell triggered and unaffected by RPM changes, dirt, oil or any other contaminants that may get into the ignition housing.   It utilizes magnets in the rotor to turn the coil on and off producing the correct dwell time of 180º (camshaft).  This minimizes coil heating and keeps the primary resistance low which keeps the primary current and energy output at optimum levels.   These same magnets are mounted in a planar configuration relative to the Hall cell at a radius of just under an inch resulting in perfect timing accuracy because the module-to-module timing is inherent in the design and never needs to be adjusted.   Benefits of the single-fire system include increased gas mileage, prolonged spark plug life, easier starts, and a smoother ride with more available horsepower.  All of this is accomplished by not firing both sparkplugs every time a cylinder comes to top-dead-center, but only the necessary plug.  This means that the piston which is in the overlap position and still has any raw gas in the cylinder will not be fired needlessly, and the motor will not be fighting itself.
Rev Tech® Coils
These high-performance ignition coils produce up to 30,000 volts of spark energy to insure a clean fuel burn and maximize ignition efficiency in this four-plug ignition system.
Heavy-Duty Motor Mount and Coil Bracket Kit
This heavy duty motor mount and dual coil bracket with cover mounts the Rev Tech® dual coil set securely and gives a nice clean look to your motorcycle.

Rev Tech® Cylinder Heads for Evolution® Big Twin and Sportster® Models
True 'bolt-on' race-quality high-performance heads for street bikes. Completely American-made and cast from '356' aircraft-quality aluminum heat-treated to T6' and then machined and assembled by some of the biggest names in the industry. Unlike other companies manufacturing or modifying cylinder heads, RevTech® heads are ready-to-install with no 'down-time.' The intake ports have been reshaped and raised .100" using 'D-shape' technology to increase flow, yet still work with all of the stock intake manifolds. The combustion chambers have been cast and machined into semi-bathtub shapes that are more turbulent and thermally efficient than stock chambers, and are available in stock and high-compression versions to fit Evolution® Big Twin and Sportster®   models, and two versions for Evolution® Big Twin models with big bore cylinders. The high-compression heads have compression ratio of approximately 10:1 (stock bore and stroke, and stock pistons with valve-relief pockets). The valves, valve seats and spring components are high-performance automotive-quality parts.The one-piece stainless steel valves have nitrided stems, hardened tips and swirl-polished heads. The 1.940" diameter intake valves permit the cylinders to fill with air more efficiently creating large increases in torque and horsepower. The tulip shaped exhaust valves have 1.610"-diameter heads and the special heat-treated, high nickel-content valve seats are compatible with all types of fuels. The 3-piece valve springs feature a flat wound damper spring to eliminate spring surge and will work with cams up to .600" lift. All RevTech® cylinder heads are set up for dual 12mm spark plugs and come complete with a pair of spark plugs as well as a pair of socket head plugs for single spark plug applications. A hardware kit containing the exhaust and top motor mount studs is also included. Sold in sets.

'Street Legal' Stock Compression Heads
These heads are approved for use on pollution controlled motor vehicles. You get the same bench-tested high flow porting and high-performance valve train in a street-legal package. Not intended for use on fuel-injected models.

High Compression Heads for Stock Bore
Smaller combustion chambers give approximately 10:1 compression for an even bigger jump in performance.
Not intended for use on fuel-injected models.

High Compression Heads for Evolution® Sportster® Models
Smaller combustion chambers give approximately 10:1 compression for an even big-bigger jump in performance. Not intended for use on fuel-injected models

High Compression Cylinder Head and Piston Kits for Evolution® Sportster® Models
Heads are matched with high-compression forged pistons manufactured for Custom Chrome® by J.E. Pistons. Kits include heads, pistons, and rings. For all 4-speed 1200ccEvolution® Sportster® models 1986 thru 1990.

No shortcuts were taken during the development of these high-performance cylinder heads.Hundreds of Dyno runs were conducted to compile all the necessary data needed to demonstrate that Rev Tech® heads are one of the most cost-efficient ways to get maximum performance out of any motor. The RevTech® heads produce greater 'average air flow' than any heads available, resulting in more torque, horsepower and overall performance from your motor (see charts).Any motor will be greatly affected by whatever cam, carburetor, exhaust and ignition system is used.Custom Chrome® recommends the use of its full line of RevTech® high-performance cams, carburetors-, ignition and exhaust systems to obtain maximum performance and reliability.

Increased horsepower and torque
Greater intake and exhaust port volume and velocity for improved flow
Better overall flow curves
Intake port raised .100" for improved flow
.100" oversized intake valves (1.940") with standard exhaust valves (1.610")
Three angle valve job

Note: All piston-to-valve clearances must be checked. Most pistons will need pocket enlargement because of oversize intake valve. If access to a machine shop is not possible, cast and forged pistons with enlarged value pockets are available for sale on the following page.

Increased horsepower and torque
Set up for dual 12mm spark plugs
Reshaped, more turbulent and thermally efficient combustion chambers
Easy installation. Compatible with all stock hardware
No waiting for stock heads to be modified
Exhaust studs and top motor mount studs supplied .

Integral casting. Eliminates problems associated with loss of heat-treatment in welded-up heads
Intake and exhaust ports and combustion chamber are polished
CNC machined
Gravity cast from '356' aircraft quality aluminum, heat-treated to 'T6'
Heat-treated, high nickel-content valve seats compatible with all fuels
One piece valves: stainless steel, nitrided stems with hardened tips and swirl polished heads
Dual chrome-steel valve springs with flat wound damper springs for use with cams up to .600" lift
High-density cast iron valve guides

Rev Tech® Cylinder Heads for Evolution® Motors -Without Component Parts
The same heads as our Deluxe street versions without any of the valve com-components for professional head builders. The intake ports are raised .100" and hand-finished along with the exhaust ports and bathtub-shaped combustion chambers. Valve seats are installed for 1.940" intake valves and stock exhaust valves. Set-up for dual 12mm spark plugs and include motor mount and exhaust studs. Sold in sets.

The high-quench combustion design and matched piston dome not only increase flow, but provide excellent flame travel which results in a more efficient and cleaner burn of the air/fuel mix. Therefore, a dual spark configuration formal operation is not needed. The matching forged pistons that come with the S & S cylinder head package are available for 3-1/2" or 3-5/8" big bore cylinders and are complete with rings, wrist pins and wrist pin keepers.A special intake port and manifold designing incorporate a directional vane, located in the floor of the port, that improves air flow by dividing and routing the air around the valve stem and guide. The manifold will accept 1-7/8" S & S, Bendix, Keihin (except CV) and other performance carburetors with 2 bolt flange style mount.The different shape of the exhaust port also aids in the intake and expulsion processes and any exhaust system that can bolt up to stock heads will fit on the S & S heads because the exhaust port is located in the same position as stock.The valve train components are designed for use with cams with lifts to .570" and feature an inner flat wound damper spring designed to eliminate damaging vibration. "Super Stock"   heads are sold as a complete system including pistons with rings, wrist pins and keepers, intake manifold with O-rings and flanges and fully assembled heads with valves, springs, collars and keepers all designed and readily bolt-on to fit like other stock components on Evolution® Big Twins 1984-up..

Polished Billet Cylinder Heads by Patrick Racing
By starting with solid blocks of billet, Patrick heads retain all the strength and consistent grain structure of 6061 T6 billet  a consistency in the metal that simply can't be duplicated using traditional castings. Sold in pairs.

S.T.D.. Cylinder Heads for Evolution® Big Twins Models
Like the S.T.D. heads for Pan/Shovel applications, these high-performance heads are cast from '356' aircraft-quality aluminum which has been heat-treated to 'T6'. The intake ports have been raised 3/8" to facilitate the entrance of the air/fuel mixture into the 'bathtub' shaped combustion chambers, producing a compression ratio of 8.5:1 which is the same as stock. Also featured are dual 14mm sparkplug holes and large diameter valve seats which are compatible with unleaded gas, provide more stability in the heads and will permit the use of larger-than-stock valves. These heads are designed to accept the stock intake manifold or compliance fittings, valve guides,springs and exhaust pipes. Not intended for use on fuel-injected models.Sold in sets.

Increase your torque 35% and your horsepower by 42% with the Edelbrock® package of Performer™ and Performer RPM™ aluminum cylinder heads and intake manifolds. The unique design of the Edelbrock® cylinder heads incorporate three exclusive features within the Performer™. These state-of-the-art design features help reduce reversion and increase flow for more power and torque.The rectangular intake port shape adds to the surface area of the floor increasing air flow. This .125" raised rectangular intake port also helps increase air flow and port velocity.The revolutionary design of the dual-quench combustion chamber gives a better mix of fuel for more efficient combustion. This 72cc combustion chamber increases the compression ratio from 8.5:1 to 9.5:1 giving more power. The "D" shape exhaust port design creates a miss-match between the exhaust pipe and the exhaust exit which increases flow and reduces reversion by keeping exhaust gasses from being drawn back into the engine for more power.

Performer aluminum cylinder heads provide a substantial power increase while working within the existing RPM range of the stock engine (idle to 5500 rpm). They work with stock pistons and valve train components (cam lifts up to .580") for true, bolt-on performance. Heads are sold in pairs, complete with stainless steel valves (1.850" intake/1.610" exhaust), seats, guides, seals, springs, retainers and keepers - fully assembled, ready to install. Performer heads are street legal in all 50 states.

The Performer RPM™ are CNC-ported to provide superior flow for maximum horse and torque in 80-inch and larger engines. RPM heads come with high grade stainless steel swirl polished valves (1.940" intake/1.625" exhaust), Titanium retainers, 7º   locks, valve springs, seals and a 3-angle valve job. Fits Evolution® BigTwin engines 1984-up with up to .650" max. lift cam. Available with 72cc combustion chamber for 80" engines or a 88cc chamber for 97" motors. Both chambers will produce 9.5:1 compression ratio with stock flat top pistons.

1200 Performer Cylinder Heads for Evolution® Sportster® have superior flow for maximum power. Specs include: 62cc combustion chamber, 1.850" intake/1.610"exhaust, .575"max valve lift, 165 LBS. of seat pressure, stainless steel valves,chrome moly retainers, and seals. Completely assembled and ready to install. Bath tub chamber shape provides 9.5:1 compression ratio. Manifolds must be ordered separately by carb mounting style.

Available plain or black wrinkle painted. Includes seats, guides and studs. Made in the USA. Sold each.

S & S "Super Stock" shovel style cylinder heads are cast from a premium aluminum alloy that was developed for air-cooled aircraft heads and machined on state-of-the-art computer controlled equipment. Design features include:
Directional intake port vane routes air around the valve stem and guide increasing flow by 10 cfm over stock
Stock diameter and location of the intake and exhaust ports ensure true bolt on installation using standard exhaust, intake manifold and rocker covers
Premium valve train components are designed for stock or high performance cams up to .550" lift and are compatible with unleaded fuels
"Super Stock" heads are sold in pairs complete with valve seats and guides, valves, valve springs, spring collars, valve keepers and valve guide seals installed - ready to run. Also included are gaskets required for installation: cylinder base and head gaskets, rocker cover and exhaust port gaskets, rocker cover and exhaust pipe mounting hardware and installation instructions. Available for Big Twins 1966-1984 with standard or 3-5/8" big bore cylinders.

FITS BIG TWINS 1966-1978
O-ring style intake manifold seals and cam lifts up to .550"

S.T.D. Cylinder Heads for Shovel heads
Cast from the same high-quality aluminum as our other S.T.D. heads. Take your choice of   2- or 4-plugs, rubber band or O-ring manifolds and standard or big bore models. These heads include a 12-point head bolt kit, accept 14mm spark plugs and feature chrome-alloy steel valve seats compatible with all types of fuels. The O-ring style heads use the 1948 thru 1979-style valve guides and the rubber band style heads use the 1979 thru 1984 valve guides and seals. Sold in sets.

S.T.D. Pan/Shovel Cylinder Heads
These offerings from S.T.D. are designed for Panhead and Shovelhead 1200cc barrels. They're cast from '356' aircraft-quality aluminum which has been heat-treated to 'T6' and feature chrome-alloy steel valve seats, dual 14mm spark plug holes, external oil lines and Shovelhead O-ring style intake manifold ports. They require the use of 1948 thru 1979 Big Twin valve guides, Shovelhead valves, exhaust pipes and intake manifold. However, Panhead rocker arm assemblies must be used. Each set includes a 12-point head bolt kit.

Ram Jett Heavy-Duty Cylinder Stud Kit
Prevent head and base gasket leakage in stock and high-performance applications. Constructed from heat-treated chromemoly with rolled threads.Inserts are made from a malleable steel alloy. Each kit includes eight studs, eight inserts, a specially-sized cutting tool, a specially-sized tap and a tap guide. They'll also accommodate stroker cylinders up to .250"-taller-than-stock, and the studs are available separately for use on Original Equipment afterrnarket cases. Includes instructions for in-the-frame installation.

Stainless Steel 'Bullet' Head Bolts
CNC-machined and polished to a mirror-like finish.Includes stainless steel washers. For all Evolution® models late 1985 to present.

Replacement Head Bolts
Original Equipment head bolts for Evolution® Big Twin and Sportster® models 1984 to present.