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11523JJ STEELER F/FEND 4.75 FRT185.99157.99
11524JJ STEELER F/FEND 6 FRT185.99157.99
11526JJ TOMBSTONE F/FEND 6 FRT185.99157.99
11531JJ ROLLER F/FEND 6 FRT185.99157.99
13794FORTY 4.75 CUSTOM FR.FENDER219.99184.99
13795ROLLER 4.75 CUSTOM FRT.FENDER219.99184.99
13796TOMBSTONE 4.75 CUSTOM F/FENDR219.99184.99
62716RICK DOSS ROCKET F/FEND 699.9984.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
08683CURBFEELER F/FENDER 6185.99157.99
08693DIABLO FRONT FENDER 6185.99157.99
08696S.W.P FRONT FENDER 6185.99157.99
08697JAILIGH FRONT FENDER 4.75185.99157.99
13160CLASSIC CUSTOM 8.5 R/FENDER244.99207.49
13161CLASSIC CUSTOM 4.75 F/FENDER199.99169.99
13162CLASSIC CUSTOM 6 FRT/FENDER199.99169.99
13163GUNSLINGER 7.25 W/REAR FENDER244.99207.49
13164GUNSLINGER 8.5 WIDE R/FENDER244.99207.49
13165GUNSLINGER 4.75 FRONT FENDER199.99169.99
13527GUNSLNGR 9 R/FENDR W/TAGFRAME289.99244.99
16952DIABLO 4.75 FRONT STEEL FNDER229.99194.99
630015JIM NASI F/FND THE COUNT169.99144.99
630016J NASI CHEATIN DEATH F/FEND144.99122.49
630017JIM NASI PJ169.99144.99
630020JIM NASI CHEATIN DEATH185.99157.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
620100DOSS "DIXIE" FEND FRT 4.25"144.99122.49
620101DOSS "DIXIE" FEND FRT 6"144.99122.49
620102DOSS "DIXIE" FEND REAR 7.25"144.99122.49
620103DOSS "DIXIE" FEND REAR 9"144.99122.49
620104DOSS "DIXIE" FEND REAR 11"144.99122.49
6410204.5" COW CATCHER 21X2.15399.99339.99
6410215.5" COW CATCHER 21X3429.99364.99
6410224.5" RISKY BUSINESS 21X2.15285.99242.99
6410235.5" RISKY BUSINESS 21X3299.99254.99
6410244.5" O.T 180? 21X2.15399.99339.99
6410255.5" O.T 180? 21X3429.99364.99
6410264.5" O.T 160? 21X2.15359.99304.99
6410275.5" O.T 160? 21X3385.99327.99
668500DEUCE FRT FNDR 00+31.9926.99
78312ST.FRONT FENDER.FATBOY 1990-UP79.9964.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
06556OTH DEUCE FRT FENDER529.99449.99
06557OTH WIDE GLIDE FRT FENDER529.99449.99
13167MAMA JAMA 7.25 WIDE R/FDR S/T244.99207.49
13169MAMA JAMA 9 WIDE R/FENDER S/T244.99207.49
13170MAMA JAMA 4.75 CUSTOM F/FENDR199.99169.99
13171MAMA JAMA 6 CUSTOM F/FENDER244.99207.49
240351CHROME FRNT FNDR FXWG & FXST 80UP29.9925.49
240383PLN NARROW FR/ FNDR FX FXR XL34.9928.49
240470FR FNDR MNTING KT F/ FX XL77-812.9910.99
26146FENDER-FXWG FRONT47.9938.99
668501FXST WELDED FRT FNDR 59924-8031.9926.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
13183FENDER-FRT.FXWG-GW STYLE139.99114.99
13193FENDER FRONT FL 1954-84119.9996.49
13196FX-XL SKIRT/FT FEN W/FLP99.9984.99
19652FENDER FRONT-UNPAINTED 1970-UP61.9950.99
26520FENDER FRONT HD 37-48104.9988.99
85432GEL-COAT GFK FRT FND FXSTS444.99377.49



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
240380FRNT FNDR W/TRIM HOLES FL54-8464.9954.99
240384FRNT FNDR W/HOLES FLH 1954-UP64.9954.99
44559CHROME BILLET FNDER SPCRS-M/G 35/39109.9992.49
44560CHROME BILLET FENDER SPCRS-35/39 WG109.9992.49
86669ZCB CSTM F/FEN MNT KIT FL40.9934.49


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Ness-Tech Front Fenders
Custom-molded ABS fenders are mated to polished 6061-t6 billet aluminum fender side plates in three styles. The narrow fenders fit 19" or 21" wheels in Wide Glide front ends and the wide fenders fit 16", 17" or 18" wheels in Wide Glide Front Ends.

Ness Sport Front Fenders
The wide skirts of these custom fenders provide more room for your custom paint job. They're made in the U.S.A. from A.B.S. plastic and come with the mounting holes undrilled ready for your custom paint job.

Ness Skirtdragger Front Fenders
This creation extends the original Ness 'Frontdragger' design to its radical, full-coverage extreme. It is of fiberglass construction, and measures 6 3/4"-wide.

Ness Frontdragger Fenders
Styled to match 'Taildragger' rear fenders. Constructed of fiberglass with black gel-coat finish, and available in three widths.

Ness Cafe Front Fender
This sleek front Cafe fender is made out of durable A.B.S. plastic ready for primer and paint. The mounting holes are undrilled to permit use on Narrow Glide front forks with 19" or 21 " wheels.

Ness Legacy Front Fender
Stylized versions of the FLST rear fender. The front fender is a perfect match for the Legacy rear an gives a classic, sweeping look to the front of you bike. It is easily fitted to most Wide Glide® front ends using 16" or 18" front wheels.

Corbin 'Warbird' Fenders for 16" Front Wheels
Molded using the light, yet strong "FiberTech™" material, and finished in a black gel-coat ready for painting. Fenders are shaped to closely follow the tire for a radical low appearance, but will only fit with 16" front wheels.

Custom Fiberglass Front Fender
This custom front fender is manufactured with hand-laid fiberglass and finished in a black gel-coat finish. It looks even better when teamed up with it's matching rear counterpart (CCI #13-266). This fender is not painted and requires mounting holes to be drilled.

Custom Front Fenders for 'Dresser' Models
Milwaukee Iron custom front fenders allow a new look for 'Dressers.' They are pre-drilled to facilitate installation and provide a low, smooth look. They fit all FLT, FLHT, FLHS and Road King® models from 1984 to present.

'Mama Jama' Custom Steel Fenders by Jesse James
The only thing more creative than the names for Jesse James' fender is the design itself. A set of these custom fit at just the right angle and some sharp paint is about all that's needed for a full-blown custom bike. Holy Mama Jama!

Custom Front Fenders by Jesse James
Steel front fenders designed for custom applications, Hand-formed and precision welded, be sure to check installation and fit before painting. All measure 4.75" in width.

Skirted Front Fenders by Milwaukee Iron
16-gauge steel fenders are available in long and short skirted versions.
Short Skirt Fenders

Trimline Front Fenders by Milwaukee Iron
This design shows off custom wheels and fork legs without distraction. 16-gauge steel fenders are pre-drilled for easy installation.

Sport and Sport-V Front Fenders by Sumax
Sumax's unique composite fabrication makes their fenders light in weight yet ten times stronger than conventional fiberglass. Exclusive "radial wrap" woven fabric, formed over ceramic molds, minimizes shrinkage, ensures correct dimensions and provides superior strength. Undrilled, ready for primer and paint.

Pro-One Fiberglass Front Fenders
Made of quality hand-laminated fiberglass with a black ready-to-paint gel-coat finish. They are completely smoothed with no holes or rivets showing. Available in FL or FLSTF styles that fit Wide Glide® front ends with 16" or 18" front wheels.

'Outlaw' Front Fender
The style that won the West and the North, South and East as well. Perfectly formed custom steel fender.

Doss Fiberglass Fender for Wide Glide® Front Ends
This fender is made from heavy-duty fiberglass that is much thicker than that found on many other fiberglass fenders. It adds a sporty look to the front ends fitted to many models since 1980. Undrilled.

Springer-Style Front Fenders
These custom steel fenders capture the styling of the old Springer front fender but provide you with a trimmer, narrower look for use with 19" and 21 " front wheels, They include chrome fender brackets and are sold unpainted.

C.C. Glider® Front Fender
This American-made fender fits FXST, FXSTC, Dyna Wide Glide® and 4-speed FXWG models from 1980 to present, and look great when combined with a 16" front wheel. It's manufactured from black high-impact A.B.S. plastic that is paintable, and the mounting holes are undrilled to permit the use of 16", 19" or 21" wheels.

Cafe Racer Front Fender
This American-made fender fits between the 35mm and 39mm fork legs of all FX, FXR, Sportster® and Dyna Glide® models from 1973 to present. We borrowed from the styling of the XLCR Cafe Racer, and added to it. It's manufactured from black high-impact A.B.S. plastic that is paintable, and the mounting holes are undrilled to permit the use of 19" or 21" front wheels.

Front Fenders for Narrow Glide Models
Original-style front fenders for FX, FXR, Sportster® and Dyna Glide® models from 1973 to present.Available in a stock replacement version or with the front tip cut back for a trimmer look. Both fenders are unpainted and include chrome brackets and the rivets necessary to install them.

Custom Ducktail Front Fender for Springer Softail Models
Styled after our other Ducktail front fenders this steel unit will bolt right on in place of the Original Equipment fender and provide you with better weather protection as well as a more traditional appearance. Sold unpainted.

Springer Front Fender for 45s
Similar in appearance to CCI #26-520 but made to fit 45" models with Springer front forks.

Colony Front Fender Mounting Kit
Cadmium-plated reproduction of the stock hardware used to mount Springer front fenders on 1936 thru 1948 Big Twins.

Custom Fenders for Wide Glide® Front Ends
An exclusive fender with a custom look to fit Wide Glide® front ends, or Narrow Glide front ends when a Wide Glide® conversion has been installed. Styled with an added accent bead around its entire edge. These fenders come complete with polished aluminum spacer blocks. For use with 19" or 21" wheels only.

Custom Ducktail Front Fender
For use on 4-speed FL model front ends from 1949 thru 1984 when a 19" or 21 " front wheel has been installed. This narrow fender comes with polished die-cast spacer blocks to complete the custom look.

Custom Skirted Fender with Flip
Based loosely on the skirted early K model front fender, this timeless classic has
been updated to fit all 35mm and 39mm front forks from 1973 to present.

Custom Ducktail Front Fender
Designed for use on Softail, Dyna Wide Glide® and 4-speed FXWG models. This fender offers greater weather protection than the stock unit and is the perfect fender to use with our 'Heritage Conversion Kit' when the stock 21" wheel is retained. includes polished die-cast spacers.

Narrow Front Fender
Custom front fender for all FX, FXR, Sportster and Dyna Glide® models with
35mm or 39mm front forks from 1973 to present. Unpainted, and complete
with integrated chrome-plated brackets, For use with 18", 19" or 21" rims.

Narrow Front Fender for Wide Glide® and Softail® Models
A trim, tire-hugging fender complete with chrome brackets, ready to paint. A reproduction of the Original Equipment front fender to fit all FXST, FXSTC, Dyna,Wide Glide® and 4-speed FXWG models from 1980 to present.

Narrow Front Fender for FL Models
Custom unpainted steel narrow FXWG-style front fender for all 1949 thru 1984 4-speed FL model front forks. Complete with chromed integral mounting brackets, the fender profile is designed to clear 18", 19" and 21 " tires.

Front Fenders for Heritage Softail® Models
Replacement fender without holes and dimples for custom applications, i.e. early style fender tips. Heavy-duty braces are riveted to fender shell. Fits Heritage Softail® models from 1986 to present, as well as all Fat Boy® models when a full fender is desired.

Exact duplicate of Original Equipment fender with all holes and dimples for stock lighted fender tips as well as upper and lower trim. Heavy-duty braces are riveted to fender shell. Fits Heritage Softail® models from 1986 to present, as well as all Fat Boy models when a full fender is desired.

Dresser-Style Fender for Wide Glide®Front Ends
The 16" front wheel is the latest rage on Wide Glide™ front ends, and this high-quality metal fender is the perfect finishing touch. It perfectly complements our 'Heritage Conversion Kit'.