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Triple Trees

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160526CHROME BLLT T/TREES 7 DEG. 41MM519.99454.99
160527BLLT TRI TREES 7DEG. 1941+429.99364.99
640715CHROME BLT SMTH 41MM W/G TREE 0RK429.99364.99
640716CHROME BLT SMTH 41MM W/G TREE 3RK429.99364.99
640717CHROME BLT SMTH 41MM W/G TREE 6RK429.99364.99
86226FK TRIPLE TREE SET, 41MM, 0?1049.99889.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
44581CHROME ELITE 7DG/41MM T-TREE659.99559.99
44589CHROME ELITE 5DG/41MM T-TREE644.99547.49
65337CHROME B/MILL 41MM MILLEN T/TREES399.99339.99
65338CHROME SMT.41MM MILEN T/TREE+T/SG414.99352.49
65339CHROME B/M.41MM MILEN T/TREE+T/SG414.99352.49
65340CHROME SMT.41MM F/TREE W/ELIP T/S514.99437.49



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
13027H-D FORK CLAMP SET-CHROME299.99254.99
13028H-D FORK CLAMP SET-BLACK289.99244.99
160542CHROME BLLT TRI TREES 41 MM614.99522.49
63254541MM NARROW GLIDE TREE SET429.99364.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
09330UPPER TRIPLE TREE-FLST109.9992.49
09331LOWER TRIPLE TREE-FLST159.99134.99
100118LOWER T/TREE FXWG TYPE 1948-UP121.99103.49
100132CHROME U/ TRI TREE FXWG FXST 80+109.9992.49
686002WG CONV KT FXD/FXR/XLH 00-UP514.99437.49
686003B/DISC SPACER ALUM HUB XL/FX 0144.99122.49
686004B/DISC SPACER ALUM HUB XL/FX -144.99122.49
686168CCE WG CONV.KIT 5? FXDL/FXR/XL579.99489.99
686169CCE WG CONV.KIT 5? FXDL/FXR/XL579.99489.99
686207JOS BONE 39MM CONV KIT 99+ STK829.99724.99
687000CCE WG CONV.KT 0? XLH 04+499.99424.99
687001CCE WG CONV.KT 5? XLH 04+559.99474.99
687002CCE WG CONV.KT 0? FXD 04+419.99369.99
687003CCE WG CONV.KT 5? FXD 04+559.99474.99
687005JOS BONE TRPL TR CONV KT 5? XL859.99729.99
687007JOS BONE TRPL TR CNV KT 5? FXD859.99729.99
84599BOLT S/STEM(4460)FX/XL 88-UP2.992.54



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
13032W/GLIDE CONV.KIT-39MM FRT.ENDS459.99389.99
13039W/GLIDE CONV.KIT 84-87FXR489.99414.99
13040WIDEGLIDE CONV KITS479.99404.99
13156DISC HUB SPACER KT.XL FXR87-9139.9933.99
13157DISC HUB SPACER KT.XL FX 84-8739.9933.99
13158DISC HUB SPACER KT.FX1977-8339.9933.99
46935N/G WHEEL TO W/GLIDE CONV.84UP185.99157.99
60256W/G BRK.RTR.SPCR.39MM CONV 00+92.9978.99
60257M/G BRK.RTR.SPCR.39MM CONV 00+92.9978.99



Part #   Description   List Price   Your Price
686482BLACK SUPER FAT TRIPLE TR. 0?1279.991119.99
84991BILLET ALM T/TR 41MM 7 DEG RAKE659.99559.99


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Ultra Performance Inverted Forks by American Made Motorcycle Suspension

Patent pending velocity sensitive valving design provides luxury ride with uncompromised handling. Progressive-rate springs control ride over wide variety of road conditions. Beautiful smoothly-contoured chrome-plated 6061-T6 billet triple tree. Chrome-plated high-carbon steel 2.5" (63.5 mm) upper tubes. Hard chrome, high-carbon steel 1.77" (45 mm) lower tubes. Single or dual front disc brakes. Wide or narrow design allows styling choices. Variety of fender brackets allow choice in fender style. Designed by Vince Costa who has built race-winning suspensions that have captured numerous national and world racing championships in 883cc and Buell classes.

Ultra High Performance Design

Heeled over rocketing down the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca or piling up miles on the interstate, American Made Motorcycle Suspension front forks are one of the finest available for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Ultra Great Looks

Beyond technical excellence, American Made forks provide stunning good looks, CNC-machined triple trees are smoothly contoured with recessed, almost hidden clamping bolts.  At the bottom, the billet end caps have hidden axle threads and smoothly rounded ends unlike anything else available.  For the absolute pinnacle of performance and looks there is nothing else to compare.

Final Details

Compatible with most stock front end components allowing completion by using the stock handlebars, headlight, front brake, fender, and wheel.  The only needed options for a bolt-on installation are caliper and fender brackets.  Axle spacers for wide front end should be chosen to fit the hub used.  Spacers for the wide hub are for any wheel laced to Wide Glide single or dual flange hub or for custom wheels based on that hub.   Use the narrow spacers for wheels laced to aluminum narrow glide hubs or custom wheels based on that hub.

RevTech High Performance Fork Kits

The latest suspension technology available provides the safest and most secure handling and performance available for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Available in racing-look satin aluminum or show-style chrome-plated finishes.

54mm Inverted Fork Kits

Massive 54mm outer tubes offer a fat look that will outperform everything on the road. The inverted design maximizes the amount of overlap between the slider and the fork tube resulting in virtually no flex for the smoothest, most confident ride possible. Features include machined billet lower legs for single or dual disc brakes, air adjustable spring rates, and CNC-machined triple trees. Each kit includes fork tube assemblies, triple trees, stem, axle, spacers, and hardware. All kits use 1984 to present narrow glide front fenders, brakes, and wheel hubs. Fit all models from 1949 to present.

43mm Fork Kits

A more conventional look with superior performance, these RevTech® forks offer a smoother, more controlled ride Big 43mm chrome moly fork tubes feature cartridge-style damping units that precisely control both compression and rebound damping, precision-machined aluminum sliders, quick-change fork seals, and an air adjustable spring rate. Each kit includes fork tube assemblies, CNC-machined triple trees, stem, axle, spacers and hardware. All kits use 1984-up narrow glide front fenders, brakes, and wheel hubs. Fit all models from 1949 to present.

Wheel Adapter Kits

RevTech® Wide Glide-style fork assemblies may be combined with Wide Glide-style hubs when appropriate adapter kits are installed.


This over-grown inverted fork kit offers a fat look that will keep you firmly on the road. The overlap between the slider and the fork tube has virtually no flex, resulting in a rock steady ride. Each kit includes fork tube assemblies, triple trees, stem, axle, spacers, and hardware, The lower legs are machined for single or dual disc brakes and feature air adjustable spring rates with CNC-machined triple trees. 30" length. Fits Softail® and FX models 1984-up*, FXR 1984-1994, XL 1984-up and custom applications.

Aluminum Housing Front End Kits for Softail® Models

From chrome-plated housing to nuts and bolts, our complete kits are one of the easiest ways to put a hot-looking front end on a stock or custom construction Softail® model. Includes the Rick Doss aluminum housing headlight kit with slider covers (cowbells) and handlebar clamp cover, chrome triple trees with Timken bearings and chrome bearing dust cover, and our complete fork leg assemblies with chrome lower fork legs, For Heritage Softail® and Fat Boy models 1986 to present.

Dual Disc Kits

The ultimate kit. Includes our exclusive dual front disc lower fork legs. Requires two stock or aftermarket 1984-up calipers and rotors, 11/16" master cylinder, special speedometer drive, spacers and dual flange front wheel.

Deluxe Front End Kits for FL Softail Models

The ultimate Heritage style front end kits for FL Softail® models, custom built bikes or conversion of FX Softail® models. Includes Rick Doss ribbed 7" headlight, chrome fork tins, slider covers (cowbells), triple trees, complete fork leg assemblies, and even bearing dustcovers and Timken bearings. For FL Softail® models from 1986 to present (except FLSTS).

Custom Dual Disc Kit

Includes Custom Chrome's exclusive dual disc lower fork legs. Requires two stock or aftermarket 1984-up calipers and rotors, 11/16"-bore master cylinder, special speedometer drive, axle spacers and dual flange front wheel.


The industry's first dual disc fork conversion for 1984-up Softail® models! These fork kits convert factory equipped single disc models to dual 11.5" front rotors and calipers. Twin rotors provide smooth, balanced braking and a dramatic increase in stopping power. Available for FXST models 1984-up and FLST models 1986-up. Standard 1984-up style dual disc brake components are required to complete the conversion along with our special dual flange hub or wheel assembly. Order hub or wheel, calipers, brakes lines, master cylinder, rotors and rotor bolts separately. All kits with fork tubes are stock length.


Our single disc front end assemblies come complete with chrome upper and lower triple trees, hard chrome stock length fork tubes, springs, dampeners and all internal components. Perfect for scratch builders or chrome conversions on late model Softail®s. Direct replacement for factory parts and accepts stock headlight, risers, fork trim, fenders and axles. Available in FXST or FLST styles with a choice of chrome or polished aluminum lower legs.


Our complete dual disc front end assembly comes complete with chrome upper and lower triple trees, hard chromed fork tubes, spring and all internal components. Available with your choice of chrome or polished aluminum lower legs, these front ends are a direct replacement for FXWG models 1980-1983 and can be fitted to any Big Twin 1949-up when 1977-1983 OEM or CSI# 130820 dual disc calipers are used. The chrome triple trees feature late 3-1/2" riser spacing, Softail® style central headlight mounting hole and a identical 3" rake angle as the factory originals.

STOCK LENGTH FL (3-1/2" UNDER FXWG 1980-1983)



This front end assembly replaces the stock length late 1977-1984* Showa type 41 mm single disc lower legs and tubes. Available with your choice of chrome or polished aluminum lower legs. Each front end comes complete with chrome upper and lower triple trees, hard chrome fork tubes, springs, and all internal components. Both the upper and lower triple trees have the tabs necessary for mounting headlight housing and slider covers. Headlight mounting bracket holes are 2-1/2" center-to-center. Fits all Big Twin models 1949-up with banana type single disc brake caliper and late style handlebar mounting rubbers and risers. Calipers and installation kit sold separately.


These quality assemblies include chrome custom wide triple trees, tubes, polished aluminum sliders, fork springs and internal components. Available for dual disc applications. These units accept the OEM or CSI (1978-1983) type dual disc calipers, Fork stops sold separately.

Complete Fork Assemblies for 1949-Early 1977 FL Models

We offer all three styles of 1949-early 1977 FL front ends (left drum, right drum and disc). They come complete with late-model chrome triple trees, chrome fork slider covers, two stock-length hard-chromed fork tube assemblies, polished aluminum fork slider set, bearing jam nut, chrome acorn stem nut, stem nut lock washer, bearings and dust covers. The fork leg sets included in these kits come with all bushings and seals installed and ready for use. Fork seals have been updated to the late-style double-lipped seals and the leak-prone drain plugs in the FL kits have been totally eliminated. All of the parts contained in these kits are also available separately. Please look elsewhere in this section for more details. Triple tree set is styled like the 1960 thru 1984 stock components with kits developed for the following applications.