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Part # Description List Price Your Price
58321R/T BLK.S/TAIL 6 SPEED 2.94 TRANS1339.991169.99
58322R/T BLK.FXR 6 SPEED 2.94 TRANS1499.991299.99
58323R/T BLK.DYNA 6 SPEED 2.94 TRANS1499.991299.99
58324R/T BLK FLT93-98 6 SPEED 2.94TRAN1499.991299.99
58340R/T POL.S/TAIL 6 SPEED 2.94 TRANS1499.991299.99
58341R/T POL.FXR 6 SPEED 2.94 TRANS1499.991299.99
58342R/T POL.DYNA 6 SPEED 2.94 TRANS1599.991399.99
58343R/T POL.FLT93-98 6 SPEED 2.94TRAN1599.991399.99

Part # Description List Price Your Price
58290R/T 4/5 SPEED-KICK STARTER KIT559.99479.99
58295R/T 4/5 SPEED TRANS.W/KICKSTARTER1899.991649.99
58296R/T BLK 5 SPEED S/TAIL W/KICKR2.941499.991299.99
58297R/T POL 5 SPEED S/TAIL W/KICKR2.941499.991299.99
58301R/T POL.5 SPEED TRANS-N-4 SPEED CASE1769.991484.99
58302R/T BLK.S/TAIL 5 SPEED 2.94 TRANS1339.991169.99
58305R/T POL.S/TAIL 5 SPEED 2.94 TRANS1339.991169.99
658294R/T RAW 5 SPEED S/TL TRNS.W/KICKER1399.991224.99
93869R/T POL. 5 SPEED KICKER TRAPDOOR129.99109.99

Part # Description List Price Your Price
062210JIMS 5 SPEED TRANY IN A 4SPEED2799.992449.99
062211JIMS 5 SPEED TRANY IN A 4SPEED2799.992449.99
30650REV.4 SPEED TRAN 2.44 W/KICK-LATE1459.991279.99
30651REV.4 SPEED TRAN 2.44W/KICK-EARLY1599.991404.99
30655POL.R/T 4 SPEED TRANS 2.44W/KICKR1399.991199.99
30660REV.4 SPEED TRAN 2.60 W/KICK-LATE1459.991279.99
30661REV.4 SPEED TRAN 2.60W/KICK-EARLY1599.991404.99
30665POL.R/T 4 SPEED TRANS 2.60W/KICKR1399.991199.99

Part # Description List Price Your Price
601192S&S 6 SPEED NATURAL24952145.7
601193S&S 6 SPEED BLACK25952231.7
601194S&S 6 SPEED POLISHED27452360.7
658400POL RIGHT SIDE 6 SPD ST TRANS1899.991649.99

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